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Religion in modern world
(13-05-19, 03:44 PM)CaroleG Wrote: Actually what I got from that book is the idea that Muhammed may have been a rather decent sort of person, 
*********  My reply:

That must be why he expanded his religion by the sword. 
Why he
[size=63.916]ordered the execution of more than six hundred Jewish men in Medina for not supporting his leadership. [/size]
And why he had sex with a nine year-old. 

(13-05-19, 03:44 PM)CaroleG Wrote: who wished to improve life for all people, and particuarly for women, in the pagan societies of the Arab-speaking lands,
*********  My reply:

Yes. That must be why Muhammed wrote:
[size=53.6369]Sura 2:190 authorizes Muslims to kill for Allah and Sura 9:5 commands it.   It says, “And when the sacred months have passed,then kill the polytheists wherever you find and capture them'. [/size]

(13-05-19, 03:44 PM)CaroleG Wrote: by sketching a design for an ideal community, rather than wishing that everyone be forced to "sign up for the whole package".  
*********  My reply:

Yes. That must be why he ordered death for anyone who left Islam and waged war on other faiths. Thank you for those carefully researched insights into the workings of Mohammedism. Very impressive.
It is start with modern world which has carry discussion with knowledge. We can see  its effect on our society. Many people are asking about Politics and health to Gov. It is need to further observation of things that related with nature and society.
Yes You have raised right on religion development. We see that many misunderstanding message with religion development so It is need to a clear discussion on this topic.

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