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UK Political System
(13-02-20, 02:34 AM)Ranter. Wrote: there is absolutely no point in responding to a single word of any of that.

 in the end of the day, you are an anti vaxxer who believes hiv doesnt cause aids, and a crazy baptist or appear to think someone up yhere likes to see wrath and hate reign on earth.

you are one of the most uncompromisingly ignorant brexiteer flat earthers ive ever had the displeasure of being subjected to... arent you feeling kind of silly now? no? yes?

********* My reply:
I proved you were wrong to say the Speaker can't be sacked so you call me a Flat Earther?? A Crazy Baptist??? 

Aren't you getting a bit over-emotional?

Sorry, but facts don't care about your feelings.
(13-02-20, 09:48 AM)psc Wrote: And precisely how many Lords have been expelled under that act? 

I'll tell you none. Not one. 

******** My reply:

Yes. But you said they can't be removed at all.

So you were wrong.
(13-02-20, 10:00 AM)psc Wrote: The process of removing a speaker is the same as for a US President. Impeachment. 

********* My reply:

No. A speaker can be removed by a simple vote of no confidence on a wet Tuesday afternoon. As can the PM or the Government.

Impeachment? A Speaker can be removed if he doesn't have the confidence of the House. Obviously. He can also be recalled by his constituents. 
[size=12.8]Impeachment is for ‘high crimes and misdemeanours' and it's obselite in the UK because we have other means to remove officers now. [/size]

[size=12.8]You're just digging yourself a bigger and bigger hole![/size]

[size=12.8]But, OK. You are imagining a situation where a Speaker loses a vote of no confidence but, bloody-mindedly insists on carrying on.[/size]

[size=12.8]MPs would then ignore him in the House.  The House could then table a motion to stop paying him. If that doesn't stop him, the House could vote to dissolve itself and then refuse to re-elect him when Parliament re-opens. [/size]
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