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UK Political System
[size=32.8]Fintan O’Toole: Welcome to the United Kingdom of Absurdistan[/size]

Britain’s democracy is built on feudalism and its unwritten constitution is feeble

article in the Irish Times:

Fintan says it all! UK constitution is not worth its reputation.

I found that article interesting.

"what Johnson is doing is probably unconstitutional but probably not unlawful. I don’t think most people in England have any idea how utterly nonsensical this seems to all the rest of us."

I wonder whether the UK is indeed the only country where this can be the case? As a Brit the funny thing is that my first response is to say: fine, well actions which can be qualified as going against the body of tradition and convention known as the British constitution could well bear no relationship to the law of the land as embodied in statutes. With a properly codified constitution this presumably can never be the case.

"The British constitution is so fine a thing that it would be positively insulting, even dangerous, to actually write it down." Actually I think (I'm no expert) that some of it is written... but not all of it.

Possibly O'Toole is being a little disingenuous, possibly even over-egging the pudding, in this article. As a cultured, educated Irish person he will be very familiar with how the British system of government has developed over the centuries. He also knows that it is not a Prime Minister who determines who gets to form a government after an election, but the numbers of MPs belonging to the various parties, so the fact that a small number of Tory Party members chose the replacement of the "resigning" PM is no great drama, to me anyway.

To me what has really torn apart the British system and exposed its weaknesses is that God-awful referendum in 2016. You can have a referendum about "leaving the EU", but you have to be clear about what that means before holding it. The depth of ignorance about all the legal and other ramifications before doing so have led us to the present position and is one of the greatest embarrassments, for me.

As of tonight, incidentally, Johnson no longer has a majority government. He now has a minority of 1 (because a Tory MP went and became a LibDem MP). And that isn't the only thing that happened today in the HoC ...
(04-09-19, 01:11 AM)TheWriggler Wrote: To me what has really torn apart the British system and exposed its weaknesses is that God-awful referendum in 2016.

The referendum is of course only a symptom of a much more encompassing and serious problem. The dysfunctionality and degeneration of a nation and its people.

Just been reading “The pride and the fall: the dream and illusion of Britain as a great nation” by Correlli Barnett. Highly recommended.

(ps please don’t respond. Not interested in debating with you. Only wanted to share this booktitle.)

UK citiyen here ,I'm going to share with you, a couple of articles of some interest to me

hopefully they will be enlightening

one trill of cash And 7000 jobs moved already

£8 Billion Bet on No Deal Crash-Out by Boris Johnson's Leave Backers

Brexit Party Logo ‘subconsciously manipulates voters into backing Farage’

Read more:

iI do hope it contributes some thing useful to the debate
Thanks a lot, Ranter, and welcome.
aye, thank you

so,the electoral ciommision has come in for some criticism as well as the met police ckeared by met of wrongdoing

think about it, this was part of the saga

electoral commision just failed to do its job and let the brexiters get away with it

znd acording to the telegraph, the electoral commission faced threats from brexit party members for trying to invesitgate their affairs. the electoral commission is being pressured and nobbled by the multi million pound brexit men.we can see the inference here from whats going on.

and boJo is throwing his biased propoganda out with a bot army to totally convince the gullibles to support his strategu
another day,another calamitous heap of socalled news headlines

d cameron has layed into gove,boJo
bercow lays into all of them
more posturing from the bricksitters

this was good for an extra laugh

the peoples party??????????

mogg is in the line of fire too,hes got investments abroad which are set to do very well with this crashout bricks it

the polls of polls are depressing


[Image: Screenshot-2019-09-14-06-59-51.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-2019-09-14-06-57-53.jpg]

to paraphrase mr wishart of the snp,its like turkeys smothering themselvves in cranberry sauce and stuffing their posteriors,then voting for christmas...,.
How do you explain that the Conservatives still have high ratings in the polls after the messy years the British people hade and have to live through. Is it beacause the alternative (Corbyn) is not palatable? Or for reasons that escape my understanding?
Rational approach to the Brexit debate in The Guardian today:
good find.

your question try to answer

can i point out one thing of great import, the media and news sources are all very questionable in this country today,we rate very badly on press indexs

even the guardian has been nobbled by the security services since the snowden affair,if this is to be believed

then you look up the "IMPARTIAL" ( LOL) polling companies like yougov, on, and you see there owned by the most biased bent people imaginable.

ive already given you a good picture of the electoral commissions failings in another thread,if you reviewed the post im referring to?
so youve got an overview now of the countrys failing media, and democratic institutions.

lets move on to the civil service and public institutions now.

a lot of people say blair strangled the civil services impartiality,and the trend continued under the newxt tory administrations.

but youce got the media attacking corbyn day in day out,and youve got the security apparatus telling us hes a treasonous commie who needs taking out...
richard dearlove ex mi6 head attacked corbyn

alex younger, andrew parker both "SUMMONED" corbyn for talks about the facts of life at mi5 and 6, i wonder what they said to him ...

he was threatened by an army general, army guys with a coup and or extrajudicial killing...

([[[ the independent is now owned by the russians and the saudis,
but that news story is repeated elsewhere in the uk media ]]]

so you see what corbyn is up against, a hostile media, a hostile state and public institutions.

i dont think corbyn is the best leader of the opposition ever, but hes undergone terribly unjust treatment in this country, they treat socialists with much more respect elswhere in europe

just found this lol even the financial times now thinks the bbc is biased against cirbyn

a week ago,bloomberg were saying pound traders at big banks were startibg to prefer corbyn to boJo

well,hope that helps

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