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News articles of interest (EU politics)
News articles of interest (EU politics)

You can debate here news articles about EU politics.

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I moved the comments about EU army here:

Joint EU defence policy and creation of an EU army

Please continue the debate about this topic at the new location.
New start for tax on financial transactions
  • After an eight-year dispute, Germany and France make a new move to introduce a financial transaction tax in Europe.

  • The revenue generated could be "a contribution to a euro area budget", the draft position paper says.

  • Countries participating in it should be able to offset the tax revenues with their contributions to the EU budget
News from Slovenia:

Slovenia gets first female police chief (11 Dec 2018)
Slovenia has appointed its first female national police chief after naming its first female army head last month, becoming one of the few countries whose police or army are headed by women.

So now the commanders of both our military and our police are women.  Cool
The EU-Japan trade deals shows just what we're about to lose after Brexit

by Lord Bilimoria in

Quote:It removes 99% of tariffs applied to Japanese goods by the EU and 97% of the ones applied to European goods by Japan, saving the EU approximately €1 billion in duties per year.

Quote:There is already talk that Toyota and Nissan will pull investment from the UK and their respective Derbyshire and Sunderland factories. Now that they have access to the rest of Europe almost completely free of tariffs on goods trade, what motivation is there for them to keep their money in Britain?
(14-12-18, 01:25 PM)SwaziKing Wrote: Now that they have access to the rest of Europe almost completely free of tariffs on goods trade, what motivation is there for them to keep their money in Britain?

Note also that the rules of origin apply. To be able to enjoy the benefits of EU27's trade agreement with Japan and others, a certain percentage of the exported car (70%) has to be produced in the EU27 and the final product (car) has to be assembled in the EU27 = exported from the EU27 (not the UK).

The European Commission has warned about the rules of origin months ago, and several governments have reacted too (e.g. German, Dutch) by notifying their companies that they should check the rules of origin for their products and move the supply chain from the UK to the EU27 if needed.

There has been a lot of such movement of supply chains under the radar of the media (many SMEs). In such cases, jobs in the UK will be cancelled and new replacement jobs created in the EU27. The Brexit dividend.
EU-Japan trade agreement

(14-12-18, 01:25 PM)SwaziKing Wrote: The EU-Japan trade deals shows just what we're about to lose after Brexit

Here is what we will gain with the cars-for-cheese agreement:

EU-Japan trade agreement on track to enter into force in February 2019 (12 Dec 2018)  Exclamation  

The European Commission welcomes today's approval in the European Parliament of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement and the EU-Japan Strategic Partnership Agreement.

The trade agreement negotiated by the Commission is the first ever to include an explicit reference to the Paris climate agreement. It will create an open trading zone covering 635 million people and almost one third of the world's total GDP. The Strategic Partnership Agreement is the first ever bilateral framework agreement between the EU and Japan...

Today's vote follows a similar decision taken by Japan's National Diet, thus concluding the parliamentary ratification of the agreement by both partners. It paves the way for the agreement to enter into force on 1 February 2019. From that moment, EU companies, farmers, workers and consumers will start reaping the benefits of simpler and faster trade between the EU and Japan...

Negotiations for the Strategic Partnership Agreement and the Economic Partnership Agreement started in 2013, and both agreements were signed at the EU-Japan Summit on 17 July 2018.

More info about the EU-Japan EPA:

Votes in the European Parliament on 12 December 2018:

(1) The EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement: 474 MEPs in favour (71%), 156 against, 40 abstain

(2) The EU-Japan Strategic Partnership Agreement: 547 MEPs in favour (81%), 74 against, 52 abstain

You can explore in more detail how the MEPs voted at the above links to VoteWatch Europe.
Oh no, look at all those problems, the EU is about to collapse... But is it? From Politico:

It’s the end of Europe as we know it (and it feels fine) (17 Dec 2018)  Exclamation Exclamation  

While it’s easy to dismiss Europe as a place where nothing really works, somehow most everything does.

It was a helluva week in the hellhole. Paris was “burning;” Brexit a “psychodrama;” autocracy was “making a comeback.”...

At a time when terrorists are on the rampage, Italy’s cooking the books and Viktor Orbán has become Central Europe’s answer to Il Duce, it’s tempting to pile on the EU...

And yet, as another annus horribilis draws to a close, it’s difficult to deny that Europe has once again survived more or less intact...

Indeed, given Europe’s myriad woes, its citizenry is surprisingly upbeat. Public backing for the EU is the highest it’s been in more than a generation, while support for the euro has reached record levels...

At a time when free trade seems increasingly under siege, the EU concluded two landmark trade agreements, with Canada and Japan.

So while it’s easy to dismiss Europe as a place where nothing really works (Greece, Brexit, migration, Jean-Claude Juncker), somehow most everything does. Even most populists have given up on trying to leave the EU.

Though it’s easy to blame the media for Europe’s bad reputation, the real culprits are to be found among the Continent’s political leaders...

If the past decade of perpetual crisis has taught us anything, it’s that whatever happens next, Europe’s demise is the least likely outcome.

The EU is not perfect, it is work in progress like any other democratic community, but it is fairly good as it is. It is OUR EU and it is our responsibility, the responsibility of the PEOPLE, to make it even better. So make sure you vote for Europe next May.
Is the EU just a device for allowing corporations to thrive with no challenges. Confusing messages over the past days, and here is one.
French news from Slovenia - the cover the the weekly Mladina magazine on 14 December 2018:

[Image: mladina50_nas.jpg]

Image URL:

REBELLION OF THE INVISIBLE (people). Children of economic inequality: how the yellow vest emerges - and whom it then votes for
(21 pages of yellow-vest articles in the issue)

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