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Impact of Brexit on the UK: grounded planes, stockpiling food, brexodus...
(05-12-19, 05:19 PM)Ranter. Wrote: if you read other posts of mine before jumping in, you'd see I am very much pro eu and dont think leaving can solve anything at all

however, the attitudes of many UK remainers who deny that theres any sign of fascism and that this country is just perfect really gets my goat, especially when they refuse to acknowledge that the remain campaign are equally as culpable for this impasse & breakdown as the brexiters

I really cannot read all the posts to catch up, and I took your post at face value. Nor do I think everything is perfect, but that does not mean leaving is going to improve matters. If we want change it is far better to do it from within. I've seen so many people claim to be remainers yet expect us to bow down before the alter of brexit because of a referendum which has since been utterly discredited.

Further Fascism; which is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition is over-used but what do you call it when criminal acts are ignored to force through an action which will have a detrimental effect on the very people it claims to help? Because that is what is happening here; and by a party which calls itself the party of law and order.

(05-12-19, 05:22 PM)Ranter. Wrote: you also point to issues which are typically based on self interest of the UK rather than what's best for the bloc as a whole, which rather underlines my point I think...

I was pointing out issues that leavers seem to quote as reasons to leave, none of which stand up to scrutiny and getting brexit done is the latest. Even if Boris wins next week and rides back into Number 10 on a wave of populism that will not be an end to it, at a push it is the end of the beginning. We will still have to negotiate a trade deal and every authority on the subject says that could take three years at a minimum. 

I am quite happy to debate with Brexiteers the merits or otherwise of Brexit but everytime I try and find out they clam up, except to quote a referendum 3 years ago which was won on the back of criminal acts.
you can debate strawmen all you want, I am not a crypto brexiter as you infer and have no interest in engaging in your false line of argument.

in fact, the overwhelming and arrogant assumptions in your post only further serve to discredit the typical attitudes of UK remainers vis a vis Continental Europhiles... you arent even interested in understanding what others say before you add your own blase rhetoric..

  ...for starters, those criminal and fascist actions you point out are the same thing I and many others are pointing out, the same things Wriggler is trying to downplay. so well done your argument mirrors ours in the first place.

it is better to understand what you are replying to in context before you make a tit of yourself..

let me try an assumption..... you are a preachy lib dem swinson supporter and I claim my 2¢ Wink

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