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EU info point
Recommendation for this excellent dissertation by Anjo Harryvan:

‘In pursuit of Influence’

About the founding of the EEC from Netherlands (and Benelux) perspective.
Interested in discrimination against minorities?

The FRA is the EU's Agency for Fundamental Rights.  Its English-language site is at

To date it appears to have published 2 sets of reports into discrimination across the EU, referred to as MIDIS I and MIDIS II.

It's a little confusing but the main introduction (English) for MIDIS I appears to be here - it appears that most of the survey work was undertaken in 2008

And the main introduction for MIDIS II appears to be here - it appears that most of the survey work was undertaken in 2015. Signficantly, this was before the Brexit referendum.

The "main results" page of the second survey is here. This lists 3 main reports

Second European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey Muslims – Selected findings

Second European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey Roma – Selected findings

Being Black in the EU (in English only)

I have looked at the "Muslim" and "Black" reports and they are both very interesting to me as a long-term UK resident.

EU countries obviously have different experiences of ethnic minorities:
- sometimes these minorities have been present for centuries, sometimes they are more recent arrivals;
- sometimes they take the form of communities from just across the border in neighbouring countries, sometimes they are from distant parts of the world;
- ethnic difference can be about appearance, culture, religion, etc.
- the same ethnicity can mean different things for different countries: Muslims in the UK tend to be South Asian, in France North African, in Former Yugoslavia countries part of that country's own rich ethnic mix, and in Hungary, perhaps the ancestral enemy at the gates, for some. 

In fact Hungary is not included in the report into discrimination against Muslims, which is slightly strange as, according to the Wikipedia page, there were a few thousand Muslims even before the arrivals of asylum-seekers from the East, which started in or before 2014, and which by 2015 (time of the survey) may have brought many more. Whether they will have stayed long is another matter.

Oh, there's more: : a recent report on antisemitism and other bits and pieces.

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