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(14) Waiting for Halloween with PM Johnson (after 24 July 2019)
(14) Waiting for Halloween with PM Johnson (after 24 July 2019)

So PM May is out, and PM Johnson moved to Downing Street 10 on 24 July 2019. The Brexit monster has chewed up already the second PM.

Johnson has 99 days until B3-day:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=235]
Image URL (larger version):

So we are now waiting for no-IFs-no-BUTs Brexit on 31 October 2019.

The Brexit clock on 24 June 2019:
  • 2,373 days since Cameron announced the Brexit referendum (the Bloomberg speech, 23 Jan 2013)
  • 1,539 days since the British voters voted for a Tory government which promised a Brexit referendum (7 May 2015)
  • 1,506 days since MPs voted with a large majority for the referendum bill = approval of the referendum (544 to 53 on 9 June 2015)
  • 1126 days since the referendum (23 June 2016)
  • 903 days since the MPs voted with a large majority to trigger Article 50 = approval of exit (494 to 122 on 1 Feb 2017)
  • 847 days since the UK triggered Article 50 = start of the legal procedure for exit (29 March 2017)
  • 776 days since the British voters voted with a large majority for the parties supporting Brexit with exit from the customs union and the single market (8 June 2017)
  • 765 days since the start of negotiations (19 June 2017)
  • 593 days since the UK signed the Joint Report including the Irish backstop (8 December 2017)
  • 241 days since endorsement of the WA at the special EU summit (25 November 2018)
  • 190 days since the 1st meaningless vote in HoC about the WA (15 Jan 2018)
  • 134 days since the 2nd meaningless vote in HoC (12 Mar 2019)
  • 124 days since approval of extension (22 Mar 2019)
  • 117 days since no-Brexit day (B1-day) and the 3rd meaningless vote (29 March 2019)
  • 105 days since approval of extension to extension (10 April 2019)
  • 103 days since B2-day (12 April 2019)
  • 59 days since EU elections (26 May 2019)
  • 47 days since PM May's resignation as Tory leader (7 Jun 2019)
  • today (24 Jun 2019): Johnson becomes PM
  • 22 days since the first session of the new European Parliament (2 July 2019)
  • 85 days to the October meeting of the European Council (17-18 Oct 2019)
  • 99 days to B3-day and new European Commission (31 Oct 2019)
Tick, tock ... 

"I hear no whistling, just the clock ticking." (Barnier on 12 July 2017 = 742 days ago)

"Please do not waste this time." (Tusk on 10 April 2019 = 105 days ago)

On this thread

Key Brexit documents: The Withdrawal Agreement and extensions

Brexit preparedness

Brexit documentaries

Other Brexit info

How long does it take to call early elections?

Procedure for recalling the House of Commons from recess

This thread continues the debate from the previous thread (which is now closed):

(13) The battle for Number 10 (after 7 June 2019)

In case you missed something or want to binge-read, you can find all previous seasons here (see the numbered threads):
Key Brexit documents: The Withdrawal Agreement and extensions

The Withdrawal Agreement and related documents

The Withdrawal Agreement - official version (OJEU, 19 Feb 2019)  Exclamation

The Political Declaration - official version (OJEU, 19 Feb 2019)  Exclamation

The EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement explained (8 Feb 2019)
Excellent infor slides from the Commission explaining the WA.

Signing and ratification of the WA from the EU27 side:

Council Decision (EU) 2019/274 of 11 January 2019 on the signing, on behalf of the EU, of the Withdrawal Agreement

Changes of the WA to align the text with extension:

Exchange of letters between the EU and the UK setting out the limited technical changes to the Withdrawal Agreement to reflect the extension of the Article 50 period, 11 April 2019

Letter from Michel Barnier, Commission’s Chief Negotiator, to Steve Barclay, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, 11 April 2019

Response from Steve Barclay, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, to Michel Barnier, Commission’s Chief Negotiator, 11 April 2019

Revised version of the Withdrawal Agreement (11 April 2019)

First extension (22 March 2019)

European Council (Art. 50) conclusions, 21 March 2019

Brexit: European Council adopts decision extending the period under Article 50
Press release

Remarks by President Donald Tusk after the European Council meetings on 21 and 22 March 2019

Second extension (10 April 2019)

EUROPEAN COUNCIL DECISION (EU) 2019/584 taken in agreement with the United Kingdom of 11 April 2019
extending the period under Article 50(3) TEU  Exclamation  
(12) This extension excludes any re-opening of the Withdrawal Agreement.
Official legal document (binding, part of EU law)

COUNCIL DECISION (EU) 2019/642 of 13 April 2019
amending Decision (EU) 2019/274 on the signing, on behalf of the EU, of the Agreement on the withdrawal of the UK  Exclamation
Official legal document (binding, part of EU law)

Remarks by President Donald Tusk after the special meeting of the European Council (Art. 50) on 10 April 2019

Press conference

The Brexit Steering Group of the European Parliament

Composition of BSG in the new mandate:
  • Guy VERHOFSTADT, chair (RE, Belgium)
  • Danuta HÜBNER (EPP, Poland)
  • Roberto GUALTIERI (vice-chair of S&D, Italy)
  • Philippe LAMBERTS (co-chair of the Greens, Belgium)
  • Martin SCHIRDEWAN (chair of United Left, Germany)
  • Antonio TAJANI (chair of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs, EPP, Italy)

The BSG met with Barnier before parliamentary summer holidays:

Statement of the Brexit Steering Group on 24 July 2019

The Irish backstop

Mapping of North-South cooperation & Implementation Bodies: Report and key findings of the exercise
(published on 21 June 2019)
The EU and the UK undertook a detailed mapping exercise in autumn 2017 aimed at recording the level of North-South cooperation on the island of Ireland and at assessing the role of Ireland’s and the UK’s common EU membership in this regard.
North-South cooperation is a central part of the Good Friday Agreement. There are six formal areas of cooperation (agriculture, education, environment, health, tourism and transport) and six North-South Implementation Bodies, as well as Tourism Ireland, which were established under the Good Friday Agreement. In addition, this formal cooperation has subsequently been complemented by cooperation in a number of other fields (including policing and justice, broadcasting and energy).

Citizens rights

Reply from Michel Barnier, Chief Negotiator, to Steve Barclay, Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, on citizens’ rights (18 June 2019)

Negotiating documents on Article 50 negotiations with the United Kingdom

This webpage contains links to all documents related to the Brexit negotiations, published by the EU27.
Brexit preparedness (EU27)
Brexit documentaries

Brexit: The clock is ticking (released on 12 April 2019)

This documentary was released a couple of weeks before Brexit: Behind closed doors (see below). It follows  EU27 chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier behind the scenes during Brexit negotiations. This documentary is a great insight into 'the EU'. We have great 'eurocrats' working for us - well educated, devoted team players - who are also very human and they do care.

Watch at Youtube:

Version in German from ARTE:

Brexit: Hinter den Kulissen des Dramas

On Friday 12 April the VRT’s second television channel Canvas will première “Brexit: The clock is ticking”, a unique documentary that follows the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator over a period of some two years. [It]  shows Mr Barnier at work as he tries to negotiate the terms for the UK to leave the European Union. It provides an interesting insight into European politics...

The Belgian documentary-maker Alain de Halleux was given permission to follow Mr Barnier during the two years of the difficult Brexit negotiation process. The result is the documentary “Brexit: The clock is ticking” that ... follows Mr Barnier as he visits numerous EU member states and shows him encounter numerous problems. The programme also shows Mr Barnier report to high-ranking EU officials and interact with his negotiating team. There is sometimes joy as a breakthrough appears to have been made. However, more often than not there is frustration at the lack of progress. 

Initially the documentary-maker was given permission to meet with Mr Barnier for half an hour every month to interview him about the progress of the talks. However, things start to get really interesting when Alain de Halleux is given permission to follow Mr Barnier all over Europe as he meets EU leaders.

Brexit: Behind closed doors (parts 1 and 2) 

Watch at Youtube:

It's a sociopolitical documentary hosted by Lode Desmet, published by BBC broadcasted as part of BBC Storyville series in 2019 - (English narration)
Lode Desmet (Belgian) is an award winning international documentary filmmaker who has made films for & in co-production with most European broadcasters – ARTE and BBC included. (More about him)

Lode Desmet has had exclusive access to the Brexit co ordinator of the European parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, and his close knit team. This revelatory fly-on-the-wall film captures the off-the-record conversations and arguments of the European negotiators as they devise their strategy for dealing with the British. 
Part 1 watches as the Europeans’ respect for a formidable negotiating opponent turns into frustration and incredulity as the British fail to present a united front. At moments funny and tragic, it ends with the debacle in December 2017 when Theresa May flies in to Brussels to finalise details of a deal and is publically humiliated by her coalition partner, Arlene Foster of the DUP, who refuses to support the deal. 
Part 2 follows the rollercoaster events from December 2017 to the present day. Europe watches on incredulously as divisions in the British parliament and cabinet become more bitter and leave the talks paralysed. Eighteen months after the referendum, Britain still does not know what it wants and spends more time discussing internally than negotiating with Europe. Respect for Britain turns to irritation and finally ridicule.
Other Brexit info

Brexit  Exclamation  
from European Council
Great info webpage, contains timeline and links to Brexit documents all the way back to 'renegotiations' with Cameron

Brexit info from the European Parliament

Brexit info from the European Parliament - Ireland

Barnier's group

Barnier's meeting calendar
Reaction from EU27 to Johnson's victory:

On Tuesday:

Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan shot down by EU within moments of him becoming Tory leader (23 Jul 2019)  Cool  
EU Commissioner slams ‘cheap promises, simplified visions, blatantly incorrect statements’
The EU has shot down Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan within moments of his appointment as Tory leader, in the latest sign that the bloc has no plans to make concessions.
In an intervention timed to coincide with Mr Johnson’s election announcement, Frans Timmermans, the European Commission’s first vice president, told reporters in Brussels that the EU would not renegotiate the deal reached with Theresa May.
Another EU commissioner, Vytenis Andriukaitis, also warned that politicians like Mr Johnson were undermining democracy with “cheap promises, simplified visions, blatantly evident incorrect statements”.

On Wednesday:

European chiefs press Johnson to explain Brexit plan in detail (24 Jul 2019)
Tusk mocks new PM’s ability to bluff as Barnier asks: is it an orderly Brexit, or a no deal?
Boris Johnson was put under pressure on his first day as prime minister by both Donald Tusk and Michel Barnier to explain “in detail” his Brexit plan...
Asked whether he knew what Johnson would seek from Brussels, Barnier said: “No. We are ready to listen and to work with him in a constructive way. We will wait for the new decision, the new declarations of the UK government.
“I met Boris Johnson once. We spoke once in the past. It was a very particular moment during the opening ceremony of the Olympics of London, fantastic games, so we are waiting now,” Barnier added. “We will work, we are ready, we will work. I think he is clever. I’m at the disposal of the union. We are ready to work [in August].”

So Barnier talked so far with Johnson only about Olympics - because Barnier organised the Winter Olympics 1992 in Albertville. Well, at least something for the two to talk about. Well, Barnier will have to take another clueless Brit through Brexit Crash Course for British Dummies.

'Fortunately' Johnson kept Steve Barclay as the Brexit secretary - he has already been trained a little, although he is making very slow progress. Acording to insider sources, he Barclay has now been practicing for days how to say 'Ursula von den Leyen' (remember his "Jean-Paul" ha ha ha). He is still stuck on the 'Ursula' part.  Big Grin  


Statement of the Brexit Steering Group on 24 July 2019

Letter of congratulations from President Donald Tusk to Boris Johnson on his appointment as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (24 Jul 2019)

And blog from Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis:

'Boris, you are wrong' (23 Jul 2019)

Remember, Andriukaitis is the face-palm heart surgeon Commissioner (who has never done any proper work in his life, according to Farage - things such as the first heart transplantation in Lithuania does not count as real work for Brexiters) and who wrote that blog after Jeremy Hunt claimed that the EU is like USSR - I recommend you read it if you have still not done it:

Remember how Andriukaitis challenged Hunt for a debate in June - Coward Cunt did of course not dare to to debate.
Johnson's fascist coup:

Boris Johnson dismantles cabinet in reshuffle, building government around people who delivered Brexit vote (25 Jul 2019)
Sajid Javid becomes first Muslim chancellor, while Jeremy Hunt walked out after rejecting move to defence
Boris Johnson has conducted a ruthless cabinet bloodbath to build his government around the team which delivered the Vote Leave result in the Brexit referendum.
Within hours of taking over from Theresa May as prime minister, Mr Johnson sacked 11 senior ministers, while six more walked out rather than serve under the new PM.
Key figures from the Brexit side of the EU referendum were catapulted into top jobs, with Priti Patel becoming home secretary and Dominic Raab foreign secretary while Vote Leave supremo Dominic Cummings will be “Johnson’s chief executive” as a senior No 10 adviser.

What a nasty purge. Only yes-men allowed into the government. Any dissent prohibited.

Boris Johnson reshuffle: New prime minister conducts cabinet bloodbath to fill his government with Brexit loyalists (24 Jul 2019)
Leadership rival Jeremy Hunt walks out after refusing to take job of sacked defence secretary Penny Mordaunt
Boris Johnson has carried out a massive cabinet clear-out as he set to working building a government dominated by Brexit loyalists.

  • Chancellor - Sajid Javid - replaces Philip Hammond
  • Home Secretary – Priti Patel – replaces Sajid Javid
  • Foreign Secretary – Dominic Raab – replaces Jeremy Hunt
  • Brexit Secretary - Stephen Barclay - no change
  • Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster - Michael Gove - replaces David Lidington
  • Defence Secretary - Ben Wallace - replaces Penny Mordaunt
  • International Trade Secretary - Liz Truss - replaces Liam Fox
  • Health Secretary - Matt Hancock - no change
  • Environment Secretary - Theresa Villiers - replaces Michael Gove
  • Education Secretary - Gavin Williamson - replaces Damian Hinds
  • Culture Secretary - Nicky Morgan - replaces Jeremy Wright 
  • Business Secretary - Andrea Leadsom - replaces Greg Clark
  • Housing and Communities Secretary - Robert Jenrick - replaces James Brokenshire 
  • Works and Pensions Secretary - Amber Rudd - no change (also takes Women and Equalities brief)
  • Justice Secretary - Robert Buckland - replaces David Gauke
  • International Development Secretary - Alok Sharma - replaces Rory Stewart
  • Transport Secretary - Grant Shapps - replaces Chris Grayling
  • Welsh Secretary - Alun Cairns - no change
  • Scottish Secretary - Alister Jack - replaces David Mundell
  • Northern Ireland Secretary - Julian Smith - replaces Karen Bradley
  • Leader of Lords - Baroness Evans - no change
  • Leader of Commons - Jacob Rees-Mogg - replaces Andrea Leadsom
  • Conservative Party chairman - James Cleverly - replaces Brandon Lewis

Hunt out - replaced by Raab, an even worse idiot. At a time of all sorts of international tensions, including the UK trying to drag Iran into a war.

Fox out - replaced by Liz Truss. (Trump will not be happy about Johnson putting a woman into this post.)

Gavin Williamson, the one who threatened China with a sinking ship thus derailing trade talks and then leaking the Huawei stuff is back, as education secretary.

Rees-Mogg was rewarded with a first cabinet job - leader of the HoC. So he will be coming into HoC with decrees ordering the MPs what they are allowed to debate and vote about. (He is one of the very few MPs who understand that no-deal Brexit is automatic.)

Leadsom is back (after she had resigned a month ago). This time she is in charge of business. Ha ha ha. Remember her debate with pascal lamy.

It is deeply disappointing that Chris Grayling is gone! WHY? What has he done? Oh, I remember - he was loyal to May. Cannot have that.

Dominic Cummings of Vote Leave named key Johnson adviser (24 Jul 2019)
Move comes four months after ex-campaign chief found in contempt of parliament

It is all very dark and very nasty. Johnson has surrounded himself by obedient fanatical soldiers and a nasty propaganda machine.

Yesterday the trans-Atlantic axis of evil was completed.

And the British sheeple are just watching it all. Unbelievable.
Quote:It is all very dark and very nasty. Johnson has surrounded himself by obedient fanatical soldiers and a nasty propaganda machine.

Yesterday the trans-Atlantic axis of evil was completed.

And the British sheeple are just watching it all. Unbelievable.

.......  ?

[Image: boris-johnson-car-protest.jpg]

"hundreds protest boris in central london"


The attempts to stop proroguing parliament, the multiple bills aimed to thwarting Boris and the house of lords rebellion that's expected to happen soon.

Um... sorry you were saying about no one pulling their finger out?
This is what happens when you have a one-sided discussion board, the quality of information is actually quite high but it's all totally one sided. It's actually a real shame because as others have said, you are obviously quite clever but you're just soooooooooooooooooooo biased it's not even real.
(25-07-19, 07:21 AM)okhrana subversive Wrote: "hundreds protest boris in central london"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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