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Debunking the UK Boulevard Press
Debunking the UK Boulevard Press

For those reading the Boulevard press,  it may be useful to have some background information to handle the experience. It's a journey into a parallel universe.

I installed the NewsGuard extension in Firefox.

About DE it says "This website generally maintains basic standards of credibilty and transparency, with some significant exceptions".

the "significant exceptions are:
  • a red flag for the criterion "avoids deceptive headlines"
  • a red flag for the citerion "gathers and presents information responsibly"
So you are warned. In my experience, the click bait titles often are very misleading and contain all kinds of claims that at times are the opposite of what is writtin in the article itself. Many users do not read the article, hence end up having a very perverted idea of reality. The deception in the articles ranges from omitting the vital and essential l information to dowright lies (like stating that Merkel said something while Merkel said the exact opposite).

Keeping that in mind, I will, on occasion, post some background information with articles ran by DE, not just about their disinformation, but also issues of general interest, to debunk the stories in the UK press.

Please add your own background information that can be helpful to debunk news "stories".
Dear ladies and gentlemen,

DE considered the speech of Ann Widdecombe of such monumental importance and standing, that it dedicated an OPED to it:

"If you only watch ONE Brexit video this year! Widdecombe’s hilarious historic EU BATTERING"

My comment:

Quote:Does Ann mean that your Prime Minister, your MPs, your MEPs, your national ministers and the Commissioner from the UK all are dictatorial oppressors enslaving the people?
  • your national parliament defines the competences of the EU
  • your Prime Minister sits on the board that runs the EU, the EU Council
  • your goverment nominated a Commissioner who was elected by the EU parliament. Commissioners can propose laws (that's all they can do, they have no legislative decision power) within the competences assigned to them by the national parliaments
  • such proposals then move on to the national parliaments (including your parliament) one third of which can collective block it
  • if not blocked, the proposal moves on to the Council of National Ministers (includng your national ministers) and to the EU Parliament (including your MEPs) which are the two legislative bodies of the EU on equal footing. Each can amend, reject or adopt the proposal (most proposals get vastly ammended). Only when both agree on a final text, does it become law.

This won me 1 like.

A user replied:

Quote:Yet again the most important position is a back room appointment that's how a dictatorship works.

To which I replied:

Quote:When are the UK's general elections of the Speaker of the House? When can you cast your vote for the chairman of the UK's central bank? You can't? By your standards the UK is a dictatorship then.

Because that's what we are talking about: the chairmen of the EU's instiutions: the EU central bank, the EU parliament, the EU council and the EU commission.
(05-07-19, 01:12 AM)Real European Wrote: "If you only watch ONE Brexit video this year! Widdecombe’s hilarious historic EU BATTERING"

You can watch Widdecombe's speech at 41 min 25 sec here:

Links to all videos from the plenary with remarks are here:

The real news re Faragists in the European Parliament is:

(1) Widdecombe delivered her speech from the back of the chamber where the Faragists are now sitting. They are homeless - not members of any group, which also means completely toothless. Widdecombe was according to parliamentary rules also only given a short 1.5 minute speaking slot. And she showed again that the Faragists are incapable of even behaving in a civilised manner. Widdecombe was the ONLY MEP whom the gentle Sassoli had to reprimand - twice - during his first presiding over a plenary debate (even if quite many other MEPs expressed strong opinions, but still they managed to do so in a civilised manner). Sassoli even said: "Piano!" Widdecombe over-run her speaking time, ignoring Sassoli's first warning that she has to conclude.

(2) For the first time in a very long time, Farage did NOT deliver one of his speeches at an EP plenary. He used to have a seat in the front row as the leader of the EFDD group and was thus speaking from the front row at prime time with long allocated times. Now he is reduced to 'quietly' sitting at the back and smirking. Some 'victory'. Without a party group, the Faragists are completely sidelined. Farage did not speak and let Widdecombe do it instead because it would be humiliating for him to speak from the back.

(3) Maroš ŠEFČOVIČ, Vice-President of the European Commission (in charge of Energy Union) was reporting to the Parliament about the EUCO summit on 20-21 June. In his closing remarks at the end of the debate, he turned to the Faragists at the back and said (in response to Widdecombe's tantrum): "We will not take leadership lessons from you." The Faragists put in their place. Watch here at 2 min 45 sec:

The Faragists can bark all they like, but the only ones they are damaging is their own nation. In the EU context, they are irrelevant. Indeed, Brexit has not featured as an issue for the EUCO decisions about the top jobs or in the EP plenary debate about the top jobs - only British MEPs were speaking about Brexit. Brexit itself is rather irrelevant at the EU level.
Probably a Freudian slip but at first reading I thought you wrote "Falangists"
(05-07-19, 09:47 AM)Blackbeard's Ghost Wrote: Probably a Freudian slip but at first reading I thought you wrote "Falangists"

Well, they certainly are F...ists.

Which is why I use Faragists to accurately describe them.

It think it is more like a historically-reflective slip.

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