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Will Jeremy Corbyn find himself smeared into the anti-semitic dust ahead of the next election, perhaps a new scandal will surface? 

Will a new centrist party form of Blairites and fringe member conservatives? Who will head up this new "centrist" party?

Public polling has never before left us with such uncertainty. 
This is your chance to say "I told you so", so let's hear your predictions people! 
Theresa May’s team plot snap election to save Brexit

"Theresa May’s aides have secretly begun contingency planning for a snap election in November to save the Brexit talks and her job after EU leaders rebuffed the prime minister’s Chequers plan."

If this really true and Mays team really believe a snap-election could solidify her chances in November then I'd expect to see a ramping up of anti-Corbyn articles. I expect they will also take a new angle since the anti-semitic line is wearing thin. They probably will not attempt to paint him as a Russian spy again or otherwise tie him in with communism, frankly that line of miss-direction was just a bit too Hollywood to be palatable anyway. 

I expect a new anti-Corbyn scandal to surface next month in (Oct 2018 for the record) with which the media will barrage the UK public in preparation for a snap election. 
Hi Pando and Maybenot,

There is something that puzzles me about all the debate re new referendum and snap elections. It is the calendar.

The UK and the EU are supposed to finalise the WA in the forthcoming weeks to allow its adoption in the respective parliaments. How can any new consultation process be included in that tight schedule? Unless the EU accepts that the non binding outline of future relations UK/EU be of the fudging kind. Hardly likely if I believe my own national representative aka Macron. Or is there something that I'm failing to understand?

Have a good day  Smile
I really don't understand it myself Claire. I'm ashamed to have a government exhibit so much narcissism negotiating on our behalf.

Perhaps it is that she is being setup for failure by her own party, who have only ever seen her as a temporary stop-gap to see the conservatives through Brexit, then to be replaced when the winds are slightly more favourable. Perhaps an aid had convinced her a temporary extension of A50 is possible and in the meantime, she is to secure her position by anticipating a vote of no-confidence with a snap election. 

Or perhaps this is all just hearsay, neither she or her cabinet have made any kind of statement about a snap election. This is story is only based from the unverified whisperings of her strategists amongst themselves. 

Either way, this is "political gaming" that will cost the people of the UK dearly. Sad
At Thanks Pando.
I'm afraid there is too much gambling around for such a serious step as Brexit. How can the British people decide for themselves with so many scenarios floating around?  Sad

[Image: attachment.php?aid=189]

Is it for real this time?

(25-09-18, 05:48 AM)ClairefromFR Wrote: At Thanks Pando.
I'm afraid there is too much gambling around for such a serious step as Brexit. How can the British people decide for themselves with so many scenarios floating around?  Sad

They have already decided.
John Crace in the UK Guardian famously said that 'They will never take her alive'.

And so it seems.  She cannot resign just at the moment because she is a bit busy adding the finishing touches to the
EP elections which were never going to take place.

Theresa May is “is not going anywhere until after the European parliamentary elections”, a Number 10 source says.
and now, to round things off

Downing Street source insists Theresa May *will* publish the withdrawal agreement bill on Friday. Not sure if that's before or after she meets Graham Brady...

so this is no longer even the Government and cabinet publishing legislation, this is Czarina May all alone.

She will decide the content, She will decide the timescales, She must be obeyed !!!

Macron has had enough now.  Me also.

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