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News articles of interest (Brexit)
It would be foolish of the EU to agree the UK could do most of its Customs checks away from the border. Such a move could and probably would lead to about every single one of the non-EU and UK memberstates of the WTO to lodge official complaints. Indeed, if the EU leaves an open border with the UK or part of it (Northern Ireland, in this case), under the most favoured nation principle they could, and probably would, demand the EU open their borders to the rest of the WTO as well. You say I'm imagining things? Then pray tell, how well did the EU's willingness to help the UK pan out, when they devised to divide their quota based tariffs with the UK, based on historical flows of trade in each product? Within a few days, the US, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand had objected at the WTO:

Agreeing with the UK that the fabled, unicorn "technical solution" to the Irish border conundrum does indeed exist, and that the majority of checks can be done away from the border frankly like Sabine Weynand has asserted recently, is cloud-coocooland material. Checks happen at borders because people - sadly - not always have good intentions, and - sadly - are not always truthfull in their Tax / Customs / Excises declarations. They have, in fact, a strong financial motivation to cheat, so that is what heaps of them will be doing. Add to that the fact that literally millions of people in England (UKIP and eurosceptic Tory voters) hate the EU, want to brake up the EU, and would consider it to be nothing short of their patriotic duty to harm the EU by defrauding us out of due Customs and Excises, and there you have it. The SM, CU and all those 700+ trade deals and trade facilitating deals the EEC and then the EU have managed to string together over the last five decades, are too valuable to risk. In short: stop pandering to Theresa May and her useless BREXITeer junta. She doesn't have the numbers in Westminster to ratify whatever deal is concluded with the EU. And even if she could, this and subsequent British governments can't be trusted to actually abide by such a deal in the future. The current ease with which they talk about breaking or changing the GFA more to their liking, is a case in point.
(03-10-18, 06:17 PM)SwaziKing Wrote: An interesting debate (youtube)

Jason J Hunter: Brexit - What Leaving On WTO Terms Will Mean - Q&A

Thanks - that was interesting - but the beginning seems to be missing!

It is here!

I also checked out their 'Three blokes in a pub' videos, which are interesting and informative, yet they manage to keep them light, and fun!
Angry senior Tories round on Theresa May over 'astonishing' U-turn on meaningful Brexit vote 
(The Independent, 18 Oct 2018)
MPs will only be allowed to accept or reject the agreement, with no amendments allowed – despite previous promises

Heavy flagging up at Indy again. You can copy your flagged-up comments and/or continue the debate below.


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Flagged up at Indy:

Rats in a sack, all of the British politicians, without a single exception – while their country is sinking due to their joint idiocy (where all British politicians of all political colours are accomplices in the Brexit disaster).

All this is beyond hilarious. The Brits keep fighting over flying Brexit unicorns which only exist on Fanstasy Island (© Ivan Rogers).

After the Withdrawal Agreement is signed, there will be NO amendments possible – it is take-it-or-leave-it for everyone (including the UK parliament). Vote yes and ratify – or crash out without a deal.

Changing even a word or a comma requires re-opening the negotiations – and the EU27 have made it clear MONTHS AGO that they will NOT re-open the negotiations.

So the insane British MPs can vote on amendments all they like, but this will have no legal impact in the REAL world.

Anyway, have you seen the pub session of Merkel, Macron, Bettel and Michel yesterday evening after the Brexit meeting – photo and link to video here:

To get an impression about the mood of the 27 PMs/presidents, I strongly recommend you watch the statements of Luxembourg PM Bettel this morning (he was also asked about the pub) – link to the video with comment here:

News update is at the above link too.

By the way, the focus of the 27 PMs/presidents is now on the Europe-Asia summit in the afternoon and tomorrow (in Brussels). Also things on the sidelines of ASEM, e.g. EU27-Vietnam trade agreement and EU27-Sout Korea summit. Brussels is hosting leaders of 51 countries (= a quarter of UN members) – yes yes, it is all about that isolationist protectionist non-global EU again:

Guess what: PM May will be there, and will (ab)use this meeting with really rests upon the EU for promotion of ‘global’ Brexit UK. ‘Global’ Britain arrogantly hijacking jet another meeting organised by the EU - pathetic.
A self-destructive madness grips the U.K. as a no-deal Brexit looms

Personal fantasies, such as playing in the Stanley Cup final or singing a Mozart aria at the Metropolitan Opera, are enduring but generally harmless. National daydreams, such as the collective fantasy of Brexit that has gripped roughly half of the British nation for several years, can cause serious damage to millions of people.

That was pretty much the message delivered by John Major, the former Tory British prime minister in a speech and newspaper article this week. He called Brexit “a colossal misjudgment” which would “damage personal and national wealth” and he attacked members of his own party and Brexiteers in Theresa May’s cabinet: “They persuaded a deceived population to vote to be weaker and poorer. That will never be forgotten – nor forgiven.”
@ Earl Grey

It was indeed interesting to read John Major's realistic view of the event. But, seen from the other side of the Channel, I was disagreeably struck by his point about the US influence on the EU through the UK. Some of the mistrust that other European countries always felt about about the UK is precisely that the country was indeed more motivated by its own prosperity and the political influence of its best ally than by any wish to see Europe emerge as an independent, albeit friendly, power. With Trump and his former aide Bannon's struggle to divide and ruin the EU, it is difficult to see how the US influence quality of the UK could be seen as an asset for the UK at that very moment. However refreshing I found the civilised and clear-sighted contribution of John Major to the debate, it comforted me in the idea that the UK, even in its remain part, still has a different understanding of what the challenges are for its continental neighbours.
No-deal Brexit must be avoided at all costs, says Toyota president

Akio Toyoda says apprehension is growing as Brexit negotiations continue

Companies such as Toyota, Nissan and Hitachi have invested more than £40bn in the UK since the 1980s. More than 1,000 Japanese firms together employ about 140,000 people in Britain in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and financial services.

This month, Nissan warned of serious disruption to its manufacturing operation in north-east England if Britain failed to avoid a hard Brexit. The carmaker employs almost 8,000 people, mostly at its plant near Sunderland. A further 30,000 are employed in UK companies supplying Nissan.

Earlier, Toyota said a no-deal Brexit could temporarily halt output at its plant in Burnaston, Derbyshire, which employs 2,500 people and produced almost 150,000 cars last year, 90% of them for export to the EU.
The new (young) leader of the Dutch Liberal Democrats, Rob Jetten, has made a speech about Brexit on wednesday 17 okt in the House of Commons.

It is extremely friendly and also funny. Obviously he doesn’t say anything about the conditions for returning.....
British sense of humor in The Independent

After hearing how France wants to treat us after Brexit, I think it might be the end of my love affair with the country

The meaning of 3rd country is not understood in Britain.
Hi, SwaziKing,

No, it not understood at all. 
I don't what love affair she's talking about. Spitting on the French is a century-old habit in England. It is sometimes funny. Sometimes it is just tiresome.

We love our British residents who are valuable members of our communities. We welcome British tourists. But snooty ignoramus like the author are not a big loss for France, nor for any of the other EU countries. How such misinformed people can hold a job as a journalist is beyond my understanding.

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