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(13) The battle for Number 10 (after 7 June 2019)
Digging further into the UK auto industry, looks like things are not going well. Already.

About 80 per cent of UK-made cars are exported, while more than half the parts used in making vehicles come from overseas. 

Twelve consecutive months of decline for UK car manufacturing is a serious concern and underlines yet again the importance of securing a Brexit deal quickly.

UK commercial vehicle (CV) manufacturing fell by more than two thirds (-69.9%) in May, according to figures released today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). 2,110 vehicles left production lines last month, with the substantial decline largely reflecting key model changeovers.

Production fell for both home and overseas markets, down -35.6% and -84.8% respectively, highlighting the sector’s reliance on exports. This second consecutive month of heavy loss meant year-to-date output decreased for the first time since September, down -6.3% compared with the first five months of 2018.
(2 hours ago)Blackbeard's Ghost Wrote: They also forget that the evacuation from Dunkirk was only possible because the French fought an heroic rearguard action

What are you talking about??? The Brits saved us Europeans TWICE - in WWI and WWII. Completely out of the goodness of their hearts. Nothing to do with UK's self-interest. Or indeed with the nations who just pretended to be in the Allied Forces. The Brits did it all, alone.

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