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(2) Nomination and election of new EU leaders (from 28 May 2019)
Example of Daily Express disinformation

Dailty Express Wrote:"8.27am update: Brussels will NOT renegotiate Brexit deal, says Luxembourg chief

Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel has said Brussels will not renegotitate a new Brexit deal, even with a new UK prime minister.

He said: "The decision is not taken in London, it is a deal we have done with Theresa May.

"It is the best possible deal. We will not start to renegotiate again without having a reason to delay.

"I am speaking about delaying, not renogotiating."

He added that renegotiating the deal "is not possible".

The EU leader said: “If you don’t agree with the decision in Brussels you will have again to change the leader of the Tories and again we will have to postpone the decision.”

Obviously DE readers are upset.

What Bettel really said though, is:

video transcript Wrote:
  • journalist: "delay is an extension"
  • Bettel: "but there should be a reason. It's not possible because you changed a leader in the UK that we need to postpone decisions  because then if now you do not agree with the decision in Brussel you will have again to change the leader of the tories and then we postpone again decision? No, we need a reason".

So clearly what Xavier Bettel said is that the fact that the UK gets a new PM is no reason to request an extension, because if that were the case, then each time the UK doesn't agree with Brussels the UK would simply install a new PM and Brussels would again have to delay. Not possible.
Breaking news:

Denmark becomes third Nordic country to form leftist government this year (26 Jun 2019)
Denmark on Wednesday became the third Nordic country this year to form a leftist government after Social Democratic leader Mette Frederiksen finalised terms for a one-party minority government, making her the country’s youngest-ever prime minister...
Frederiksen’s Social Democrats will have to rely on the Socialist People’s Party, the Red-Green Alliance and the Social-Liberal Party - formerly headed by European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager - to pass laws in the 179-seat parliament.

Will Frederiksen be sworn in this week? If so, she will be representing Denmark on Sunday at the top-jobs EUCO. One country less for RE, one more for S&D.

See here for the balance of power in EUCO:

Oh, and the EPP now have nine (9) non-Webers:  Big Grin  

9 (more) center-right candidates for Commission chief (25 Jun 2019)
If the European People’s Party can’t get Manfred Weber through, what’s Plan B?
Officially, Europe's center-right political force is standing by Manfred Weber, its nominee for European Commission president — despite opposition from Emmanuel Macron and other EU leaders.
But the German standard-bearer of the European People's Party failed to get the necessary support at a summit in Brussels last week and looks unlikely to fare any better at another gathering meant to resolve the issue this Sunday...
But EPP officials need a Plan B if Weber's candidacy can't be rescued and they want to retain the Commission presidency, currently held by Jean-Claude Juncker. The hunt is on for someone who can win the required support of both the European Council and the European Parliament...
Here are nine possible EPP contenders for the powerful post, with a look at what could help or hurt their chances of getting the job.

The European Parliament has moved the election of its president (and vice presidents) from next Tuesday (first day of plenary) to Wednesday. To have, you know, some more time to contemplante the top jobs after EUCO on Sunday evening. Hereis the draft agenda of the plenary:
Oh, no! Just look at this - Farage and Di Maio are still homeless! 

Brexit Party misses first deadline to form political group in European Parliament (26 Jun 2019)  Big Grin  
As the leader of an orphan party, Nigel Farage will be granted significantly less speaking time in the hemicycle.
Nigel Farage's Brexit Party has missed an initial deadline to be part of a political grouping in the European Parliament, meaning less funding and support staff, and less speaking time in the legislature for the leader himself.
The party can still join or form a group anytime throughout the legislature. But political groups had until Wednesday to submit their name and composition to the legislature's administration...
If Farage doesn't form a group, he will no longer sit at the front of the hemicycle, share a secretary-general with other non-affiliated members and be granted significantly less speaking time than in the last Parliament.
If the Brexit Party fails to join or form a group during the first two sessions of the new legislature, they will miss the opportunity to take up positions of influence in the Parliament's 20 committees. In addition, the Parliament is likely to adopt its traditional "cordon sanitaire" around Euroskeptic groups as a way to prevent them from getting high positions...
Under Parliament rules, a political party needs 25 MEPs from seven EU countries to be able to form a group.
Farage's former UKIP party was previously part of the EFDD group with Italy's 5Star movement and France's Les Patriotes. But the group no longer has the numbers required to become a fully fledged group. Les Patriotes no longer have any MEPs and the 5Star movement has tried to join other groups, including the Greens, which turned them down.

What? Less speaking time? Surely not! And less money too? Aaaaaaa... Remember how PM Johnson keeps claiming that the whole EU27 is trembling in fear at the sight of 29 Faragists in the European Parliament. Sure. Ha ha ha.

More about top jobs:

New Danish PM wants Vestager to stay as commissioner (26 Jun 2019)
Mette Frederiksen says competition chief should stay on in Brussels.
Denmark's new prime minister wants Margrethe Vestager to stay on as the country's European commissioner.
Mette Frederiksen told Danish broadcaster TV 2 Wednesday “we will propose that the commissioner that we have already appointed, namely Margrethe Vestager, has the chance to continue for the next five years.”...
The decision to keep Vestager at the Commission was also tweeted by the secretary-general of the European liberals, the political family to which Vestager belongs.

Good then. One candidate for new Juncker out. Go, Barnier!

Whatever you think of Vestager, read this:

Vestager may be popular with the new Danish government, but she's not liked in the White House. Earlier Wednesday, U.S. President Donald Trump said: 
"You have a woman in Europe, I won't mention her name, she's actually considered to take Jean-Claude's place ... she hates the United States perhaps worse than any person I've ever met. What she does to our country. She's suing all our companies."

Ha ha ha.

See also:

Trump: ‘Europe treats us worse than China’ (26 Jun 2019)  
Vestager ‘hates the United States perhaps worse than any person I’ve ever met.’
Ahead of a G20 meeting in Japan, Donald Trump launched a scathing attack on Europe, saying it "treats us worse than China" and that EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager "hates the United States perhaps worse than any person I've ever met."
He also returned to a familiar theme: that European members of NATO don't pay their fair share...
He then said Stoltenberg is Trump's "biggest fan in the whole world who goes around saying 'If it wasn't for President Trump, we wouldn't even have NATO.'"

Agent Orange displaying his orange mood again. Go, Europe! Time to cancel our alliance with the vile US-UK axis of evil.

Oh, speaking about those US tech giants, ALDE and all, there is more top-job news:

Guy Verhofstadt launches paid Facebook campaign for himself (26 Jun 2019)
The Belgian politician is believed to be interested in becoming European Parliament president.
Former liberal group leader Guy Verhofstadt is back in campaign mode, launching paid advertisements promoting himself on Facebook in Belgium Wednesday.

So it seems that Verhofstadt still thinks he has a chance.

Anyone knows what Barnier is up to? Has he given up and went for some walking holidays to the Alps? Or is he just waiting patiently until everyone begs him to step in as the 'compromise' solution? Or is he perhaps in Denmark to be the first to congratulate the new PM in person (like he did with the new Finnish PM)?

Tomorrow Macron (RE), Merkel (EPP), Sanchez (S&D) and Rutte (RE) will be on the way to Japan, plus of course Tusk (EPP) who is the 'negotiator' (and Juncker EPP) - to hold the most distant EU top-jobs meeting behind closed doors ever. Hey, transparency and all... best to talk on the other side of the planet. Ha ha ha. (Well, Conte (Salvini's puppet) and May (waling dead) will also be there, but nobody cares about themy.) Then on Sunday evening, they will all be in Brussels at the EUCO top-jobs meeting.

Osaka behind the scenes will be a replay of the top-jobs EUCO last Thursday - remember this:

Marcon, Merkel, Sanchez and Tusk in action:

[Image: D9iB6ouWwAQM217.jpg]

In the meantime, May and Conte:

[Image: D9iB5NgXkAIUJIi.jpg]

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin  Global Britain in action ... 

Here is the list the participants of the Osaka G20 (Spain and the Netherlands are not G20 . they are special invited guests):
Marija Pejcinovic Buric was elected new Secretary General of the Council of Europe by the Parliamentary Assembly yesterday.činović_Burić

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