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Brexit : Behind closed doors
Did you watch the documentary 
Brexit : Behind closed doors (in two parts)

It's a sociopolitical documentary hosted by Lode Desmet, published by BBC broadcasted as part of BBC Storyville series in 2019 - (English narration)
Lode Desmet (Belgian) is an award winning international documentary filmmaker who has made films for & in co-production with most European broadcasters – ARTE and BBC included. (More about him)

Lode Desmet has had exclusive access to the Brexit co ordinator of the European parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, and his close knit team. This revelatory fly-on-the-wall film captures the off-the-record conversations and arguments of the European negotiators as they devise their strategy for dealing with the British. 
Part 1 watches as the Europeans’ respect for a formidable negotiating opponent turns into frustration and incredulity as the British fail to present a united front. At moments funny and tragic, it ends with the debacle in December 2017 when Theresa May flies in to Brussels to finalise details of a deal and is publically humiliated by her coalition partner, Arlene Foster of the DUP, who refuses to support the deal. 
Part 2 follows the rollercoaster events from December 2017 to the present day. Europe watches on incredulously as divisions in the British parliament and cabinet become more bitter and leave the talks paralysed. Eighteen months after the referendum, Britain still does not know what it wants and spends more time discussing internally than negotiating with Europe. Respect for Britain turns to irritation and finally ridicule.

part 1 

Part 2

Say what you think about this documentary.
Is it conform to what you thought about the negotiations, the british negotiators or the Europeans one ?

Added later by Ajda:

New link to video (contains both parts)  Exclamation
I remembered the day Mrs May lost in the HOC the first time. I was wondering what Mr Barnier and Mr Verhofstadt were thinking about when they found out the results. Now I know...and unlike me, they didn't spend the next 5 minutes insulting everything.

There are few bits I really enjoyed:
-I know you are upset the UK is leaving the EU...but by punishing the UK, you are punishing Ireland aswell...
I knew they were talking shit "behind close door" but when you actually hear it, you just want to puke...
-The Remainers are a problem...they need to move on
YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE UK VOTED 52 % to GET OUT. The remainers can say what they want, they have been cheated or lied to etc etc.... I really don't care.
It is not the EU's fault the brits are uneducated.
It is not the EU's fault the brits don't have any common sense.
And it is not the EU's fault the majority of brits are racists.

One last thing, I didn't like the ending...very pessimist in my view (for both side), I didn't like it because I can't see a better one.
Brexit: The clock is ticking (released on 12 April 2019)

This documentary was released a couple of weeks before Brexit: Behind closed doors. It follows Barnier behind the scenes during Brexit negotiations. This documentary too is a great insight into 'the EU'. We have great 'eurocrats' working for us - well educated, devoted team players - who are also very human and they do care.

Video URL:

Version in German from ARTE:

Brexit: Hinter den Kulissen des Dramas

On Friday 12 April the VRT’s second television channel Canvas will première “Brexit: The clock is ticking”, a unique documentary that follows the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator over a period of some two years. [It]  shows Mr Barnier at work as he tries to negotiate the terms for the UK to leave the European Union. It provides an interesting insight into European politics...

The Belgian documentary-maker Alain de Halleux was given permission to follow Mr Barnier during the two years of the difficult Brexit negotiation process. The result is the documentary “Brexit: The clock is ticking” that ... follows Mr Barnier as he visits numerous EU member states and shows him encounter numerous problems. The programme also shows Mr Barnier report to high-ranking EU officials and interact with his negotiating team. There is sometimes joy as a breakthrough appears to have been made. However, more often than not there is frustration at the lack of progress. 

Initially the documentary-maker was given permission to meet with Mr Barnier for half an hour every month to interview him about the progress of the talks. However, things start to get really interesting when Alain de Halleux is given permission to follow Mr Barnier all over Europe as he meets EU leaders.
I have appreciated this documentary, it was interesting.
We see a group of MEP from different political parties working together in good intelligence, what the uk was unable to do, searching the right words for their declarations. 
The mood is relax but serious and with time seeing the lack of competence of the other side the incomprehension and the stupefaction is clearly visible.

Sometimes we see interaction with the negotiating team of the EU. With some commentaries from Michel Barnier and Sabine Weyland which enlighten us how deluded the british are. For example the idiot, incompetent and lazy david davis to Michel Barnier "The EU always signs at the 11th hour"
It has confirmed what I thought since the beginning : the british think they are alone, they don't care what the other side says or thinks and there only strategy was (is) "We are so important that they will give us everything we want" aka in brexiter terms "they need us more than we need them" or the "no deal is better than a bad deal" which is a threat to force the EU to sign because it is supposed to be afraid to lose the british market. 
The worst is that some still think this, I have read one of the backer of La Tourette johnson saying "b. johnson with the no-deal on the table will go to Bruxelles to renegotiate the deal"
Another confirmation is that they don't care about the GFA and the both Ireland. It's clear when we have assisted to the visit of the tory to the group of Verhofstadt.

It was conform to what I have seen since the beginning of the negotiation : 
  • The EU's side was ready, professional, apparently solidaire (I say apparently because of the leak. I dont understand the meaning of this leak, was it an accident ? I mean would someone have talked too much to the wrong person ? Because I don't see the gain about this leak). 
  • The other side was disorganized, incompetent, unprepared. I don't say amateur because it would be an insult to the amateur.
 Small bonus.
 When I read an article what I prefer is to read the commentaries that's how I arrived here and why I have read tenth thousand of commentaries since the referendum. Then I have searched to know what the british have thought about this documentary. 
 Here is my conclusions :

 What the remainers think about the documentary :
  - They are ashamed of the behavior, the incompetence of the british negotiator's team and they recognize the professionalism of the EU negotiator's team.

 What the brexiters think about the documentary (that's the most interesting) :
  - They don't see the pathetic skill of negotiation of the british, no, they see the luxurious Italian villa, the luxurious office, the fine wine and the fine meal of the unelected bureaucrat overpaid. 
  Did you see a luxurious Italian villa ? I didn't, I just saw 3 rooms of a property in Italia, room not particularly luxurious for what I saw. Property that Verhofstadt renovates, meaning that it wasn't  in a perfect condition when he bought it. A lot of people not necessary rich buy old farm to renovate them in France. I'm not very aware of this kind of thing but it cost more to renovate than the price of the buying. 
 And the vines, yes the vines ! Is it not the proof that they are bastard overpaid who suck the blood of the honest worker ? Again I'm not very aware about the wine but from my research it seems that you need less than an hectare (10.000m²) to produce 3000 bottles like it's said in the documentary. Then I took a look at the price for an hectare of vine : some are more than six million of € but some with an honest reputation are affordable (Muscadet 10.000€/ha, Bourgueil 20.000€/ha, Sauternes 30.000€/ha). And for someone who makes wine as a hobby it's enough. Of ourse It's French wine but I imagine that the Italians' are similar maybe even less expensive. Then no scandale for me but for brexiters yes !!
  Now the luxurious office. What luxurious office ? I see more a sad even a sinister office, without decoration on the wall, no plants, no color and the only warmth is the good mood of the people working here. Yes there is a lot of space but if you need to work with 8-10 person, make reunion, you need some space then again no scandal here but for the brexiter yes !
  And for the fine wines and fines meals. When was the last time do you have seen fine meal on a plastic tray ? Maybe with plastic plate (I wouldn't bet on this but it fits well with a tray). Me ? Never ! And for the fine wine. Yes of course you drink grand cru with French fries and mayonnaise or with ordinary food like they seem to have !! And I'm pretty sure, my interpretation, that the most bottles of wines they drink is the wine produced by Verhofstadt. I know that if I produced wine, honey, jam, fruits... as a hobby I would share it with friends or colleagues and specially for great occasion (for the wine) like it was when the whole team drank. Do you imagine that they drink wine ? Yes they drink wine ! Do you see another good reason to vote leave with this ? Me no ! But the brexiters yes !
  And the Irish bitch (not my words) ? Would you blame the Irish assistante to congratulate her boss when he took the defence of her country against a tory who wanted to throw the Ireland under the bus without scruple ? Me, No ! But the brexiters yes !
  And I forgot the train. Do you imagine they travel in a first class train. A scandal for you ? For me not ! But for the brexiters yes !
  And to finish there were two moments when Verhofstadt said that olly robbins has asked to him for the Belgian citizenship and when the two members of the team said "Yeah, we have transformed the uk in a colony", "It was our goal since the beginning", do you see something else than humor ? Me, no ! But the brexiter, yes !

The most depressing is that the hate of the brexiters about the EU is so big that they are totally blind, they don't see the reality even when it's in front of her. I haven't seen a single one saying "I still want to leave but what a pity this negotiator"

A completely fair assessment of the documentary and I concur with most of your observations;

It is indeed remarkable how people will only see what they wish to see and which reinforces their own prejudices. Thus Brexiters will look at this documentary and see the rich unelected bureaucrat living the life of luxury in his Italian villa but it will never occur to them to ask why Mr Verhofstadt would agree to be subject to such a "fly on the wall" documentary and yet British politicians have not. 
The problem is that no matter how many times their vision of the world is confronted by reality they are psychologically incapable of questioning their beliefs or recognising their mistakes. Thus, whatever happens, it will never be the fault of Brexit or British failures but will always be the fault of someone else. If Brexit proves to be the economic disaster many of us have predicted this will not lead Brexiters to think that they may have got it wrong. They will go on blaming the EU
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