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'Say Yes to Europe' flight schedules
'Say Yes to Europe' flight schedules

I thought I'd open a new thread for those of you interested in following the whereabouts of this beautiful Lufthanasa Airbus A320 that has the the slogan “SayYesToEurope” in large letters across its fuselage.

This link shows the flight history of the aicraft with registration number D-AIZG and also shows its planned flights one or two days ahead:

[Image: 66254_1556442070.jpg]

Provisional flight schedule for 29 april 2019 (can be subject to change, please check above link for latest information)

all scheduled times in local time

LH1060: Frankfurt (12:40)  -  Nice (14:05) - currently airborne   LANDED (14:20)

LH1061: Nice (14:50)  -   Frankfurt (16:25) - currently airborne   LANDED (16:37)

LH1046: Frankfurt (17:20) - Paris CDG (18:30) - currently airborne

LH1047: Paris CDG (19:30) - Frankfurt(20:40)

LH1370: Frankfurt (22:00) - Krakow (23:30)

to track any of those flights,
  • go  to
  • enter D-AIZG in the search box
  • you will get a drop down menu with the flight and:
  • if the filght is airborne, there will be an aircraft icon next to the flight. Clicking this aircraft icon will show it on the map
  • if the flight is not airborne, there will be an (i) icon next to the flight that will lead you to the flight schedule of D-AIZG.
Kindly take into account that flights may be delayed and that the schedule of this particular aircraft can be changed altogether.

If you have a subscription with FR24 (cheapest one costs 9.99€ per year) you can set up e-mail alerts for this aircraft for a specified location or area. So you could set up an alert to be warned when the aircraft is, for instance, in French or Slovenian airspace.
(very) Provisional schedule for 30 april

- LH1374 : Krakow (06:15) - Frankfurt (07:50)

- LH1074: Frankfurt (08:40) - Lyon (09:55)

- LH1075: Lyon (10:40) - Frankfurt (12:00)

- LH1114: Frankfurt (13:15) - Madrid (15:45)

- LH1115: Madrid (17:00) - Frankfurt (19:30)

- LH1312: Frankfurt (20:30) - Luqa (23:00)
LH979/DLH979 currently flying through British airspace en route from Dublin to Frankfurt
(08-05-19, 01:15 PM)Real European Wrote: LH979/DLH979 currently flying through British airspace

When it flies though British airspace, 'Say Yes to Europe' automatically changes to 'Brexit means Brexit'. Just not to confuse our British friends, and meddle with their internal affairs such as their EU elections.
Next flight is LH1412: Frankfurt (16:10) - Split (17:45) - usually flies through Slovenian airspace

Then LH1412: Split (18:45) - Frankfurt (20:30) - also flies through Slovenian airspace.

The route to fly to Split is not the same as on the way back, so two chances to spot the aircraft in Slovenian airspace.
Flight LH1412/DLH2FT from Frankfurt to Split so just departed (it was delayed)

Its route can be tracked here:
For those of you who wonder how this works:

Many thousands of aviation enthusiasts around the world have a receiver aka "radar" at home that automatically transmits its data via the internet in real time to the servers of flight trackers such as FR24 which then puts these icons on the map.

Aircraft that are equiped with a ADS-B transponder send a signal to a GPS satellite that replies with its position. The transponder of such an aircraft then broadcasts this information, together with the unique identifier (ICAO24 number), altutitude, horizontal and vertical speed, call sign etc in the ether, and anyone with a receiver can pick up these data which are transmitted via internet to the server of flight trackers like FR24.

Aicraft that are equiped with a Mode-S transponder send out the same information as above except for their location. If such an aircraft is picked up by four receivers, then the servers run a M-LAT (multilateration) algorythm on these data  to define its exact location so that it can be put on the map as well.

Some aicraft request not to be shown so their data are filtered out. This means you won't see by far most military aircraft but also a series of private, business and governmental aircraft on websites like FR24.

These flight tracking services of which data are provided by thousands of citizens around the world have contributed to air safety and also provide assistence for air crash investigations.

When there is an incident, the flighttrackers send their raw data to the Air Crash Investigation authorities. The advantage being that these data are available immediatley and since they are available in real time, they cannot be tampered with.

The media also use it as a first source of information.

Raw data on the two air crashes with the Boeing 737 Max 8 (that indicated both aircraft had trouble maintaining stable vertical speed)  transmittted to the American FAA was instrumental in its decision to ground this type of aircraft.

Some years ago, there was an electricity black out at ATC (Air Taffic Contol) in Belgium. All computer screens went black and the power generator that should have kicked in, did not work either. Controllers switched on their laptops and used FR24 to safely clear the airspace in the minutes before military ATC took over control. They were praised for their action by the official report. 

Since receivers have all data of all traffic in their airspace before they are filtered out to put them on the map by servers, they can also spot unusual and supsicous activity. There is an undertanding that they do not publicly share any of their data that are normally filtered away by servers. If however it could be a security issue they report the information they have to the proper authorities.

In other words, there is more to these flight trackers than meets the eye, and a network of thousands of responsible citizens around the world contribute to aviation safety.
Say Yes to Europe so just entered Slovenian airspace at a cruising altitude of 33,000ft (aka Flight level 330 or short FL330), that's about 10 kms.

On its way back to Frankfurt it will probably fly more towards the east.
Flight LH1413/DLH8PK departed from Split and is en route to Frankfurt. Will be in Slovenian Airspace some time soon.

It looks like it's taking the Western route.
Brexiteers be warned! Say Yes To Europe is on its way from Frankfurt to Birmingham!

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