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(12) After extension of extension: Haloween Brexit (from 11 April 2019)
This brexit soap opera gets more and more laughable. Now Sir Ed Davey (lib dems) wants that the PM, who has warned that there are only 2 outcomes, when the WA is rejected, this guy now wants Theresa to save him from the consequences of his doing. He wants her her to get, as a last act, to pass legislation through HoC, which bindingly prohibits a no deal exit.
These MPs are all a birds of feather!
They take decisions and then, when the not so nice part is coming, they expect others to save them from it. 
It seems, MPs are in panic mode now. But I can't find any pity for them. They had 3 times the chances to avoid a no-deal. 

Staying interesting, but unfortunately I do not like popcorn....
The contest for the new pm will last at least two months. And, fortunately, after this they will work on brexit... 
Uh, No !
After this they will take some well deserved holidays !!
Maybe, one day they will take the brexit very seriously !!!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=20]

Moderation: Moving posts

I moved the posts about our right to vote which developed as an off-the-topic parallel debate to this new thread:

Our right to vote: cross-border chat about election and referendum systems

Thanks for your contributions and please continue this important debate at the new location.

And, if you have EU elections tomorrow, make sure you VOTE! Vote for whoever you support, but do vote. Our participation is the very pillar of democracy. Do not let others decide about YOUR future. Use YOUR vote for YOUR future.

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