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(12) After extension of extension: Haloween Brexit (from 11 April 2019)
(12) After extension of extension: Haloween Brexit (from 11 April 2019)

Here we continue coverage of the Great Brexit Saga. Yesterday the EU27 extended the exit date again, until 31 October 2019. And it is a flextension - the UK can orderly exit as soos as it ratifies the WA.

Now WHAT for the UK?

On this thread

Extension documents
coming soon

Press conferences after the emergency Brexit meeting of the European Council on 10 April 2019
coming soon

News update

11 April (maybe)



25 November (Sunday): the special EU summit (approval of the WA and the PD)
13 December (Thursday) Brexit meeting of the EU27 Council (27 PMs/presidents); EU27 preparations for no deal  


15 January (Tuesday) first rejection of the WA in the HoC
16 January (Wednesday) vote of no confidence in PM in HoC
23 January (Wednesday) SIX YEARS since Cameron announced the Brexit referendum 
14 February (Thursday) PM May suffers another defeat in the fourth meaningless vote at HoC (MPs cancel what they voted for on 29 Jan)  
12 March (Tuesday) second rejection of the WA in the HoC
13 March (Wednesday) the 7th meaningless vote in HoC - the MPs reject no deal (by not actually ruling it out)
14 March (Thursday) the 8th meaningless vote in the HoC - about extension of A50
20 March (Wednesday) PM May sends second extension letter to the EU27; gives her 'MPs are enemies of the people' speech
21-22 March (Thursday and Friday) regular meeting of the European Council (28 PMs/presidents); EU27 extend A50 to 12 April
23 March (Saturday) People's Vote March
27 March (Wednesday) indicative votes in the HoC (all 8 options rejected)
29 March (Friday) deadline for HoC to adopt the WA ---> ordered exit on 22 May
29 March (Friday) [b]third rejection of the WA in the HoC[/b]
1 April (Monday) second indicative votes in HoC
9 April (Tuesday) UK starts procedures for EU elections
10 April (Wednesday) emergency EU summit - flextension of extension until 31 October

11-22 April (Friday to Monday) HoC on holidays (Easter)

15-18 April (Monday to Thursday): last plenary session of the European Parliament in this mandate (= last chance to ratify the WA)

23-26 May EU elections

9 May (Victory in Europe day) EU summit in Sibiu, Romania (first EU summit without the UK)

20-21 June EU summit

1 July Finland takes over the Council presidency (from Romania)

2 July (Tuesday) new MEPs sworn in

2-4 July first session of the new European Parliament

July hearings of a candidate for president of the European Commission

21-25 September Labour party conference

29 Sep - 2 Oct Tory party conference

17-18 October EU summit

31 October (Thursday) B3-day - third cliff edge

1 November new European Commission
Extension documents

European Council (Art. 50) conclusions, 10 April 2019  Exclamation
These are conclusions in the 27 format.

European Council decision taken in agreement with the United Kingdom, extending the period under Article 50 TEU  Exclamation
This is the official legal text published in the OJEU - it is a part of EU law.
My post about this EUCO decision (with most important quotes from the Decision):

more soon...
Press conferences and statements after the emergency Brexit meeting of the European Council on 10 April 2019

I will sort out the links to videos properly later, but for now you can find them yourself here:

Remarks by President Donald Tusk after the special meeting of the European Council (Art. 50) on 10 April 2019  Exclamation  

Tonight the European Council decided to grant the United Kingdom a flexible extension of the Article 50 period until the 31st of October. This means an additional 6 months for the UK. During this time, the course of action will be entirely in the UK's hands. It can still ratify the Withdrawal Agreement, in which case the extension will be terminated. It can also reconsider the whole Brexit strategy. That might lead to changes in the Political Declaration, but not in the Withdrawal Agreement. Until the end of this period, the UK will also have the possibility to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit altogether.

The UK will continue its sincere cooperation as a full member state with all its rights, and as a close friend and trusted ally in the future.

Let me finish with a message to our British friends: this extension is as flexible as I expected, and a little bit shorter than I expected, but it's still enough to find the best possible solution. Please do not waste this time.

more coming soon
Oooooo, so we have a Haloween flextension - to replace the April Fool's Brexit.  Big Grin  

The Brits have a lot on their plate:

* brexishambles
* cross-party negotiations
* local elections in England and Northern Ireland on 2 May
* EU elections on 23 May
* ratification of the WA (including adoption of implementing legislation)
* making a plan for future relationship (and requesting changes to the PD if needed)
* replacing PM, general elections, second referendum???
* preparing the UK for Brexit with or without the WA
* the party conference season in late September to early October
* loads of holidays for MPs
* and how about governing their country...

Oh, and now two clocks are ticking: one counting down to the Haloween cliff edge, the other counting shortening of the transition period in case of a deal. Actually, make that three - the third one counting down to 22 May - should the Brits want to get out with a WA before the EU elections.

PM May will report about the EU summit in the HoC today.

After that, I strongly suspect that the lazy incompetent MPs will go for Easter holidays until 26 April. No need to hurry, you see...
(Check the 2017 recess schedule to see how many holidays the MPs have coming up before Haloween - loads.)

Now, can we get back to EU27 business? And can we relieve Barnier's team from their nightmare jobs and use them for something more constructive (until the UK shows up wanting to renegotiate the PD or after exit to negotiate its new 'deep and special partnership')? Can they all go for long holidays?

And can Barnier now take some time to prepare his manifesto for the top job which he will have to present in the European Parliament in early July (after the spitzenkandidat procedure gets derailed due to election results). Has Macron insisted on 31 October cut-off to free Barnier from his Brexit duty to be able to launch him from the shadow to the top job?

And, I am running dangerously low on popcorn. Should I top up my stockpiles?  Big Grin
What will happen to those hundreds of customs and immigration officers that the EU27 countries have employed in preparation for Brexit?
So, that leaves us 29 weeks to B3 day! Which is most likely too short for a referendum. Minimum for a legal referendum is 22 weeks. Maybe now the referendum dreamer will back the WA. But I will not hold my breath.
We have to take into account that Germany will never accept a disorderly Brexit (no-deal) decided by the EU27. They prefer a long-dying UK, both in and out of the EU, maintaining business uncertainty in GB. If the UK stands unable to decide to leave, they will stay with no say. Negotiations between the EU27 and the UK will not be reopened unless the WA is accepted in the UK. As the cliff-edge has been delayed, Labour does already not intend to conclude the cross-parties negotiations, as they want new elections, which will not happen.

This is probably the Hotel California scenario.
Or the stay/no say situation.
The UK is locked in a kind of spatiotemporal stasis.

They will have an autonomous destiny, outside the real world, disconnected from their neighborhood, talking alone with themselves.

Germany will be firmly supported in this position by EIRE.
However, Macron will hold his powerful veto as a lever to negotiate "La Renaissance Européenne" with his partners.
(11-04-19, 07:42 AM)Ajda Slovenia Wrote: What will happen to those hundreds of customs and immigration officers that the EU27 countries have employed in preparation for Brexit?

More import, what will happen with all the stockpiled stuff? Some will spoil and the rest will produce storage costs!
(11-04-19, 07:42 AM)Ajda Slovenia Wrote: What will happen to those hundreds of customs and immigration officers that the EU27 countries have employed in preparation for Brexit?

They have six-months left ...
What will happen to the 70 odd MEP seats from UK after B3 please ?

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