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Please vote to send the EU's Anthem to Mars !
Please vote to send the EU's Anthem to Mars !

ESA is organising a competition to send your voice to Mars. Only the selected message will be transmitted back to earth

The EU Anthem (Ode to Joy) has been submitted and you can vote for it.  

To vote for it,
  1. go to the page below and vote for the EU Anthem.
  2. You will get an email containing a link you have to click to validate your vote. Failure to validate means that your vote doesn't count. So don't forget to validate your vote.
Direct link to EU Anthem voting page:

Please also spread the word on Social Media. Thanks.

(All submissions of the contest on this spage)
Done. Great idea. But aren't Martians Brits in disguise?
(26-03-19, 11:38 PM)ClairefromFR Wrote: Done. Great idea. But aren't Martians Brits in disguise?

Thanks. And yes, I too think it is a great idea.

This is an ESA initiative and it is a contest.

NASA on the other hand regularly offers the opportunity to send your name to somewhere in space. All you have to do is register your name. You then get a boarding pass and your name is added to a chip on board of one of their spaceships. Mine meanwhile landed on Mars so Brits won't stand a chance :-)

Should you wish to be informed of new opportunities to send your name to Mars, then you can submit your email address on this page (scroll dow to where you can enter email addres). This will not register you for a mission, it will just inform you when another mission to Mars is planned.

NASA also has other missions. You will not be informed of them. Best thing to do is to do a google search once a month to see if there are any new opportunities to send your name along to somewhere.
(27-03-19, 01:06 AM)Real European Wrote: Mine meanwhile landed on Mars so Brits won't stand a chance :-)

Mine too. A long time ago - as a member of the Planetary Society.  Smile  

And I co-sponsored the first microphone on Mars back in 1999 - on Mars Polar Lander. I was very excited about that - but NASA managed to crash the Lander, so no Martian sound - until December 2018! 

Sounds of Mars: NASA’s InSight Senses Martian Wind

It is a strange place:

[Image: 7153_opportunity-spirit-st-louis-atc-sol...-full2.jpg]
Image URL (larger version):

Rather hostile to life as we know it. Well, the Earth is our ONLY home in the universe (i.e. it has all we need due to billions of years of our evolutionary history on Earth), so we really should not mess around with it - we have nowhere to go. Make our planet great again!  Smile
In India, Navagraha, meaning nine planets / celestial bodies play a very important role from time immemorial and Mars is one among them.

South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where I am from has temples at 9 different places which many  people try and see in one day.

I have been lucky only to manage to visit two of them, that too only in 2017. They were the temples of Mars and Jupiter.

But, most of the other temples keep the Navagraha arranged in this pattern.

Each of the Navagraha has a particular color, food, song, day, animal / bird as its mode of transport, tree,  flower, weapon, specific inherent character, controlling specific aspect of life and body part, precious stone, mineral etc associated with it. Many wear rings with nine stones associated with them

Two of the nine, Rahu & Ketu are the ones that cause eclipses and our daily calendars calibrated even before a simple telescope has marked it exactly for thousands of future years. 

And, funnily Margaret Thatcher was a firm believer of effects of planets on her life after a astrologer from India shocked her with some precise predictions. 

The Mars temple town is also famous for a particular form of astrology where they read out the past, present and future of individuals. 

Finally, India's Mars orbiter Mission - first nation to do so in the first attempt.

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