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(09) From 'no deal in the desert' towards cliff edge (after 23 Feb 2019)
(9) From 'no deal in the desert' towards cliff edge (after 23 Feb 2019)

So we have had some four meaningless votes or so with all the farcical drama about nothingness, and PM May is now off to stalk the EU27 leaders at the EU-Arab summit in Egypt (which does not have Brexit on the agenda). So time to turn a page and start a new thread here, before the next meaningless drama next week.

Here is the place to debate the developments in the run-up to the B-day on 29 March 2019. You can also chew on the fallout of the meaningless vote here.

I compiled below a list of important Brexit and other dates (I am inserting updates as more news emerge).

[Image: attachment.php?aid=75]
Image URL (larger version):

[Image: attachment.php?aid=87]
Image URL (larger version):
Note: The image needs an update - the meaningless vote did in the end not happen on 11 Dec 2018 but rather on 15 Jan 2019.

News update

24 February
25 February
26 February
27 February
28 February
1 March
2 March
5 March
7 March
8 March
9 March
10 March
11 March

Breakthrough on 11 March 2019: how Global Britain blinked

Your guide for HoC voting about extension today (14 Mar 2019)

17 March
19 March
20 March

PM May's extension letter (20 March 2019)  Exclamation

Barnier's very first Brexit press conference on 6 December 2016

EU summit on 21 March 2019


25 November (Sunday): the special EU summit (approval of the WA and the PD)

11 December (Tuesday) the 1st meaningless vote cancelled by PM May

13 December (Thursday) Brexit meeting of the EU27 Council (27 PMs/presidents); EU27 preparations for no deal  


7 January (Monday) UK started no-deal chaos rehearsals with hired lorries in Kent

15 January (Tuesday) the 2nd meaningless vote on the WA in the HoC (MPs totally reject the WA)

16 January (Wednesday) vote of no confidence in PM in HoC

21 January (Monday) UK's deadline for voting about the WA in the HoC (due to needed legislative procedures)  Exclamation  

21 January (Monday) PM May to present plan B to HoC (after MPs torpedoed the WA)

22 January (Tuesday) signing of Aachen Treaty between Germany and France on friendship and cooperation

23 January (Wednesday) SIX YEARS since Cameron announced the Brexit referendum 

29 January (Tuesday) the 3rd meaningless vote - HoC votes about May's plan B (the Brady amendment gets a thin majority)

7 February (Thursday) PM May in Brussles to explain her latest cunning plan (meetings with Juncker, Tusk, Tajani, Verhofstadt)

8 February (Friday) PM May meets PM Varadkar in Dublin to explain her latest cunning plan (dinner)

11 February (Monday) Barclay and Lidington have a meeting with Barnier in Brussels (dinner)

12 February (Tuesday) PM May gives a Brexit statement in HoC

12 February (Tuesday) Barclay and Lidington have a meeting with Verhofstadt in Strassbourg

13 February (Wednesday) PM May's self-imposed deadline to come to HoC with a renegotiated 'deal' cancelled - moved to 27 Feb

13 February (Wednesday) PM May speaks in HoC about Brexit progress

13 February (Wednesday) start of trial Eurotunnel vs UK government (re the Shipless Pizza Company)

14 February (Thursday) PM May suffers another defeat in the fourth meaningless vote at HoC (MPs cancel what they voted for on 29 Jan)  Big Grin  

15-17 February (Friday to Sunday) Munich Security Conference

14-25 February (Thursday to next Monday) UK parliament on holidays quasi-cancelled, but no big votes

18 February (Monday) Brexit secretary Barclay and attorney general Geoffrey Cox meet Barnier in Brussels

20 February (Wednesday) PM May meets Juncker and Barnier in Brussels

21 February (Thursday) Corbyn meets Barnier in Brussels; Barclay and Cox meet Barnier too

21 February (Thursday) informal meeting of EU trade ministers in Bucharest, with WTO boss

24-25 February (Sunday and Monday) EU-League of Arab States summit in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

24 February (Sunday) May has meeting with Tusk in Egypt ('no deal in the desert')

25 February (Monday) Juncker meets May in Egypt

26 February (Tuesday) Barclay and Cox/Lidington meet Barnier in Brussels???

26 February (Tuesday) May updates the HoC on Brexit, tables amendable motion

27 February (Wednesday) the 5th meaningless vote in HoC cancelled by PM May; replaced by another amendment farce

27 February (Wednesday) regular weekly meeting of the European Commission

5 March (Tuesday) Cox and Barclay in Brussels

6 March (Wednesday) weekly meeting of the European Commission

10 March (Sunday) Barnier in Dublin for the Ireland-France rugby match

12 March (Tuesday) the 6th meaningless vote in HoC - MPs reject the WA+PD again

13 March (Wednesday) Brexit debate in the European Parliament

13 March (Wednesday) the 7th meaningless vote in HoC - the MPs reject no deal (by not actually ruling it out)

14 March (Thursday) the 8th meaningless vote in the HoC - about extension of A50

11-14 March (Monday to Thursday) plenary session of the European Parliament (last chance to ratify the WA - MEPs did NOT vote about endorsing the WA)

18 March (Monday) speaker Bercow rule out another vote on the WA

19 March (Tuesday) EU27 GAC about Brexit (last chance to ratify the WA)

20 March (Wednesday) PM May sends extension letter to the EU27

Arrow 21-22 March (Thursday and Friday) regular meeting of the European Council (28 PMs/presidents); the last European Council meeting at which the British PM will be present

29 March midnight CET (Friday evening) Brexit

1 April (Monday) first working day after Brexit

9 April (Tuesday) 21st EU-China summit in Brussels

11 April (Thursday) deadline for the UK to start legislating for the EU elections

15-18 April (Monday to Thursday): last plenary session of the European Parliament in this mandate

23-26 May EU elections

9 May (Victory in Europe day) EU summit in Sibiu, Romania (first EU summit without the UK)

20-21 June EU summit

1 July Finland takes over the Council presidency (from Romania)

2 July (Tuesday) new MEPs sworn in

2-4 July first session of the new European Parliament

July hearings of a candidate for president of the European Commission

17-18 October EU summit

1 November new European Commission
News update (24 February 2019)

Sunday again. Well, at least the days are longer, spring coming soon...

In the UK
* breximess
* May off to Egypt to harass EU27 leaders
In the EU27
* Tusk to meet May in Egypt
* EU-Arab League summit in Egypt
* winter sports, in particular Nordic World Championship

The Brexit clock:
  • 2,223 days since Cameron announced the Brexit referendum (the Bloomberg speech, 23 Jan 2013)
  • 1,389 days since the British voters voted for a Tory government which promised a Brexit referendum (7 May 2015)
  • 1,356 days since MPs voted with a large majority for the referendum bill = approval of the referendum (544 to 53 on 9 June 2015)
  • 976 days since the referendum (23 June 2016)
  • 753 days since the MPs voted with a large majority to trigger Article 50 = approval of exit (494 to 122 on 1 Feb 2017)
  • 698 days since the UK triggered Article 50 = start of the legal procedure for exit (29 March 2017)
  • 626 days since the British voters voted with a large majority for the parties supporting Brexit with exit from the customs union and the single market (8 June 2017)
  • 614 days since the start of negotiations (19 June 2017)
  • 443 days since the UK signed the Joint Report including the Irish backstop (8 December 2017)
  • 91 days since endorsement of the WA at the special EU summit (25 November 2018)
  • 75  days since the (cancelled) 1st meaningless vote (11 December 2018)
  • 40 days since the 2st meaningless vote in HoC about the WA (15 Jan 2018)
  • 26 days since the 3nd meaningless vote in HoC (29 Jan 2019)
  • 10 days since the 4rd meaningless vote of HoC (14 Feb 2019)
  • today
  • 3 days to 5th meaningless vote (27 Feb 2019)
  • 33 days to the exit day (29 March 2019)
  • 88 days to EU elections Vote for Europe!
Tick, tock ... "I hear no whistling, only the clock ticking." (Barnier on 12 July 2017 = 592 days ago)

BrentertainmentBig Grin  

Some video catching up (so pay attention to the dates):

Brexit: deal or no deal? German news satire "heute show" (English subtitles) (1 Feb 2019)
Another Brexit episode from the German ZDF. Click on 'CC' below the video for English subtitles.
In case you missed the previous ZDF Brexit show - here it is, now with English subtitles:
This is what Brexit REALLY means! German news satire "heute show" (English subtitles) (5 Oct 2018)

Brexit III: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (17 Feb 2019)

Brexit / Deville / SRF Comedy (30 Nov 2018)
Oh, look, even the Swiss who are not even the EU are commenting on Brexit.

Brexit darts hang over Europe balloon in Brussels art exhibition (22 Feb 2019)
Darts marked with England’s St George’s Cross flag hang above a silver helium balloon symbolising Europe in a Brussels art exhibition inspired by the uncertainties of Brexit.
Oooo, some more brexiart. I want darts, not confetti.

News from EU27:

Donald Tusk: ‘Hell’ comment was to get Brexiteers’ attention (21 Feb 2019)
European Council president says Brexiteers did not expect their victory and so were not prepared for it.
Donald Tusk said his Brexit "hell" comment was a "deliberate exaggeration" to get the attention of those responsible for setting the U.K. on its Brexit course without a plan, adding that not all behavior on the U.K. side had been "rational."

May to meet Tusk in Egypt, but no Brexit deal in the desert planned (22 Feb 2019)
Prime Minister Theresa May will meet EU leader Donald Tusk on Sunday ahead of a summit with Arab leaders, officials said, but should not expect a Brexit breakthrough.
The British leader will sit down with Tusk, president of the European Council, in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh ahead of the European Union talks with the Arab League.
Stalking alert! Go, Tusk! Post some nice Instagram photos from Egypt. Ha ha ha.

A Frankenstein Bill to protect from the shock of a hard Brexit (23 Feb 2019)
Government hopes omnibus Bill will ‘sit on a shelf’ and not be needed by March 29th
There is little that Brexit does not touch. The Bill even includes a measure to continue to protect the pilots of ships steering boats into the State’s harbours and ports should the UK leave without a deal.
It is the law nobody wants to cope with a problem the Government wishes it did not have; it is legislation the Government hopes will never have to be used but intended to keep everything as it is now.
These are yet more strange peculiarities that surround the whole bewildering Brexit process.
It has taken nine Government departments and a legion of officials the guts of a year to come up with a contingency plan that Tánaiste Simon Coveney said he hopes will “sit on a shelf”.
Ireland preparing for no deal - while the Brits keep fantasising about the iceberg blinking.

Brexit: US will insist on open border, says Varadkar (22 Feb 2019)
The US Congress will not support any post Brexit trade deal with the UK that undermines the open border on the island of Ireland, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said.
For a change, Ireland is much stronger that the UK.

Carbery to extend cheese production into mozzarella (22 Feb 2019)
West Cork dairy business spending €78m to minimise post-Brexit fallout from UK sales
West Cork cheese producer Carbery is investing €78 million to diversify from its traditional focus on cheddar cheese into mozzarella.
Cheddar producers are especially exposed to Brexit risks as the product is only popular in the British and Irish markets.
Enterprise Ireland will provide €5.75 million in aid for the project following approval from the European Commission. The state aid payments are set to be made over a three-year period by Enterprise Ireland.
Cheddar means mozzarella.

EU expects UK request to help avoid food shortages under hard Brexit (23 Feb 2019)
The European Union expects Britain to seek its assistance to avoid disruption to food imports in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the EU’s agriculture chief said on Saturday...
“I’m sure that the United Kingdom will be giving us a phone call to make sure that in the first few days or few weeks of any particular hard Brexit that there is a joint effort on behalf of the UK and the European Union to mitigate the damage to the citizens of the UK in relation to food,” Hogan told Reuters on the sidelines of the Paris farm show. “I don’t think they will want a situation where they will have a logistical problem at their ports, that they will have food shortages and food prices going up in the shops.”
The irony of it all - considering that Hogan is Irish (Ravi's karma strikes again). Anyway, Brits, do not worry - we are already packing food aid parcels. Ireland will send over some potatoes to help mitigate the Great Brexit Famine. Global Britain looks more like Venezuela each day - under Tory government. The irony of it all. Just like Venezuela, Global Britain too will have humanitarian aid (food and medicines) stuck at its borders.

Muscat: May’s Sharm offensive won’t change EU’s Brexit course (24 Feb 2019)  Cool Big Grin  
Despite being a former British colony, Malta’s allegiances are now with the EU.
Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat swatted aside the idea that a last-minute British charm offensive at today's EU-Arab summit in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt Egypt could change the course of Brexit negotiations.
Muscat said "if someone thinks the EU will give in to any sort of change in tack from what's being done so far, it's a mistake," Muscat told POLITICO in an interview from a Socialist congress in Madrid. "There are no exceptions to the single market, to the four freedoms. This is what we really believe in," he said...
"Our aim should be that, in our generation, we make sure that the European project thrives in a way that the next generation of British politicians ask for their country to approve that the U.K. rejoins the European Union," adding "it will be a different EU for sure."
But but but ... Empire 2.0! Just hilarious how everyone is hammering Global Britain. Even tiny Malta. Well, the small EU countries have explained many times what our perspective is here: we will absolutely support Ireland and make sure that the whole EU stands behind is - because it means that in the future our small countries can likewise expect united support from the large EU should we face some trouble. Simple. We stand with friends.

On Fantasy Island:

Mess mess mess... Meltdown.... Countdown... No plan... Nothingness...

Ivan Rogers slams UK government, again (23 Feb 2019)
The former top diplomat said Britain’s political class lives in a fantasy land.
Ivan Rogers, the U.K. ambassador to the EU during the 2016 Brexit referendum campaign, today slammed Theresa's May's short-term "bunker thinking."
Rogers noted that with the risk of the U.K. crashing out of the EU rising, a “bad deal” is now better than “no deal."

The Brexit dividend:

British Steel faces €110 million Brexit bill (24 Feb 2019)
The EU suspended the company’s free carbon permits as part of Brexit no-deal contingency planning.
British Steel could be among the first businesses to take a major financial hit because of Brexit: about €110 million in case of a Brexit no-deal, according to Bloomberg.
In the absence of a Brexit deal, British Steel must buy around 6 million tons of carbon on the open market, at a cost of around €110 million by March 15, Bloomberg's sources said.
Brexit bill means Brexit bill.

Go back to top (important dates, table of contents)
Breaking news - brexidiocy alert:

Message of Dictator May from Egypt to the idiotic obedient British sheeple: Exclamation Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin  

May CANCELLED the 5th meaningless vote in HoC on Wednesday 27 February and moved it to Tuesday, 12 March.   

Hey, there is no hurry. Still a lot of time for all those businesses to relocate from the UK to the EU27 and to implement other no-deal plans which are against the UK in favour of the EU27.

I mean, does Dictator May really think that everyone will sit on their hands until 12 March while not knowing what happens TWO WEEKS later?

Global Britain is toast. The UK government is not even capable of planning three days ahead! Ha ha ha.
Excellent round-up of reality.

Chapeaux bas Ajda !

A date which I like to think of is UK Tarrif Day; the first day of trading when UK is obliged by WTO to impose its tarrif rates and schedules, plus it is the day they have to impose VAT on imports to UK.

Voilá;  UK Tarrif Day 1 april 2019;   a day for all Brits to celebrate !!
(24-02-19, 02:27 PM)Ramier Wrote: Voilá;  UK Tarrif Day 1 april 2019;   a day for all Brits to celebrate !!

Plus a hard Irish border = inevitable reunification of Ireland.  Smile
Exactement !!

Anyway, I also propose that Czarina is much more becoming and Upper Class than mere  'dictator'

This also pays more respect to Russian views and influence, not that there was any of course.
(24-02-19, 01:49 PM)Ajda Slovenia Wrote: Cheddar means mozzarella.

Ajda, you made me laugh !!! Tongue 

I prefer mozzarella to cheddar ... Big progress in the world after the B-day !
John Oliver Returns to Explain Brexit on Last Week Tonight - 

Atrocious. I hear these / his videos are banned in unapologetic kleptomaniac UK. These rouge UK will make fun of other nations but cannot bear to see being made fun of.
Bank of Ireland launches €2bn Brexit fund for SME lending

I hear no such planning in unapologetic kleptomaniac UK. Maybe there is no money there. For sure boat people from UK will be arriving in millions on the shores of France - karma for Blair creating refugee crisis with the support of unapologetic kleptomaniac citizens and making millions as refugees.
(24-02-19, 02:43 PM)Ravi Iyer Wrote: John Oliver Returns to Explain Brexit on Last Week Tonight - 
Atrocious. I hear these / his videos are banned in unapologetic kleptomaniac UK. These rouge UK will make fun of other nations but cannot bear to see being made fun of.

Ravi, the previous edition of Brexit show by John Oliver was really censored in the UK - I kid you not - see here for details:

I find this censorship even more hilarious than Oliver's show. What a farce of a country.  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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