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The shipless shipping contract and other dodgy Brexit business
I have been trying to keep up with this clusterfuck in-between being suddenly insanely busy - I've been coming here and reading but had not had a chance to contribute anything meaningful (by the time I get here it's all covered, thank you Ajda and everyone!).

From a logistics standpoint and also from just being awake and not comatose standpoint - the relevant authorities raised the impending issues directly affecting public health (pileups of putrefying garbage and shortage of water treatment chemicals which apparently cannot be stockpiled, probably due to a short shelf life from manufacture - those are reactive substances we are talking about). It was talked about in the press (mentioned more like) and then I have heard nothing about it since then. Neither the health, nor the transport secretaries appear to have even heard of these (or else they simply do not care).

This morning we were discussing the fact that the UK government authorities and 'responsible' figures just do not seem to be doing their jobs. At all. It is bizarre and somewhat abstractly terrifying.
On and on and on, the saga of the Shipless Pizza Ferries:

Botched ferry contracts set to hit taxpayers for extra £28m if departure delayed (16 Mar 2019)  Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin  
Deals could see firms receive compensation and may cost more if the date of Brexit changes...
A National Audit Office memorandum on the contracts, which seek to ensure that medicines and other vital supplies can continue to reach the UK in the event of a no-deal Brexit causing chaos on the short Dover-Calais and Channel Tunnel routes, noted the potential problems caused by a delay to Article 50.
It said: “If the date of the UK’s exit from the EU changes, and there is still the possibility of a no-deal EU exit, the department will need to decide how it wishes to proceed with the contracts.
There is no provision for the start date to be delayed, but the department may seek to negotiate this with the operators.”

These ferry and tunnel companies are going to make a fortune from Brexit - without even having to transport anything.  Big Grin  

By the way, has that Dutch company which was dredging in the (now closed) Ramsgate port been payed yet? Also, will they be paid as if they had finished the job (after all, it is not their fault that the Brits have now dropped their 'plans')? The deep closed port of Ramsgate. Ha ha ha.
(17-03-19, 09:22 AM)Ajda Slovenia Wrote: Botched ferry contracts set to hit taxpayers for extra £28m if departure delayed (16 Mar 2019) 

The Dutch company and Eurotunnel needs to recover the 28 & 33 mill before the next Tuesday or Wednesday. After that GBP will be worthless and probably 28 mill GBP will be equal to maximum 10 Euro.
Ooooo, look, a new exciting episode:

P&O sues over £33m Eurotunnel payout in Brexit ferry fiasco (26 Apr 2019)
Firm says government’s settlement puts it at a competitive disadvantage
P&O Ferries is suing the government over its £33m settlement with Eurotunnel, in the latest controversy over the Department for Transport’s fraught no-deal Brexit preparations.

This Shipless Pizza Delivery Saga is getting increasingly surreal (like all other breximoronic brexishambles).

Now P&O is complaining because it actually is running the no-deal schedules since 29 April (even if the UK is ... wait for it ... still an EU member, so no additional routes are needed) and paid for this brexiwork by the UK government, whereas the Eurotunnel got all those millions of brexis without having to do any brexiwork. So P&Q is demanding some more money (in the range of 33 million brexis?) from the UK government - for doing nothing.

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
If I remember correctly...

When HMG was sued in court, Grayling caved in and Eurotunnel were awarded  part of the damages they demanded, in an out of court settlement. 

Continuing in court would have required HMG to reveal all and that would not do would it ?

So HMG coughed up 33m brexis to Eurotunnel, but Grayling insisted that it was nothing at all to do with the damages claim, it was normal 'investment' in facilities...

Now, P&O are saying 'What !  So, HMG is now investing in facilities owned by our arch-rival private company Eurotunnel, that is not right and in any case we want some too !"

I rest my case....

Meanwhile, are they still dredging Ramsgate harbour?
(26-04-19, 01:33 PM)Ramier Wrote: Meanwhile, are they still dredging Ramsgate harbour?

But of course they are. The Brits hired a Dutch company and the Dutch take work seriously (we have seen the Dutch dredgers at work in our Koper port after we sacked lazy Italians  Big Grin  ).
Hojla, everyone, make sure not no miss your opportunity to order pizza delivery by ferries. The sheepish British taxpayers will happily pay for it. Do not forget to order some extra popcorn too.

Chris Grayling cancels ferry contracts at £50m cost to taxpayers (1 May 2019)  Big Grin  
Transport secretary scraps further deals made to ensure imports under a no-deal Brexit

Grayling for British PM!

In the next episode: Grayling signs emergency no-deal deals for pizza delivery again on 1 October 2019.
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