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News articles of interest (UK politics)
"UK faces prospect of endless negotiations with the EU post-Brexit"

Chris Johns Wrote:How many times can we say “next week’s emergency EU Brexit summit will be critical”? How many more times can we say “the events of the next few days should reveal much about the Brexit endgame”? If the past is any guide to the future, there is, quite possibly, a lot more of this to come. 

The exhaustion evident on all sides is now an added risk: it’s not just the Brexiteer ultras that want this to stop. Plenty of voices, in Paris and Brussels in particular, now suggest that the European project risks great harm from a Brexit process that lingers seemingly without end.

As a brit who's lived in Ireland for many years, Johns has a useful perspective.

Quote:Whatever happens next, the British have entered a permanent state of negotiation with the EU. 

Which reminds me: I've renamed one of my cats "Swiss" because she spends her time scratching at the back door to get in and then runs up the garden when I open it...
When Swiss and Brexit have kittens, the world will really become crazy.
As anyone with more than one cat knows, if you open a door, two cats will never go through it in the same direction. One will come in; one will go out. Open it again and the same two cats will move in the opposite directions.
I bet this information isn't widely available in the mainstream media in the UK before the EU elections !

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