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Moderation Discussion
I fully second the banning of Schiffanoia, not for the content of his posts (although I can't really figure out how a lefty Italian would take so much time and effort to trivialize the BP and Farage's actions) but for the obsessive one item topic he ever posted about. This type of posters are generally spoiling any other exchanges in the thread. Furthermore, the investigation showed what Ajda has mentioned, ie that he was a "professional" poster, aka a troll.

I investigated a little our 'new' member MontalbanoSpettore.

There is strong evidence suggesting that this is the same poster as CaroleG. (Please understand that I can not publicly reveal all the tools available to the mods for detection of spammers, abusers and trolls.)

This evidence however is public on our forum - compare these two posts:

(08-06-19, 02:57 PM)CaroleG Wrote: The "EU Politics" heading (it should probably be called "EU27 Politics" as the UK is still a member for the moment) also contains a thread on fascism called "No pasaran" (could this also be modified, to "¡No pasarán!"?).  

(11-07-19, 10:20 PM)MontalbanoSpettore Wrote: It's "¡ No pasarán !"  (otherwise the stress would be on the second A).

Just letting you know.
Yes, I do applaud him for his dedication. Unfortunately he never seems to learn from former mistakes. A good illustration of a dysfunctional Brit-centric. 

But who knows, he might mend his ways? So please don’t ban him until we are treated to the same tedious apologist narrative.

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