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Make our planet great again
How is the weather?   

Well in SW France it presents for some an opportunity not to be missed.

Regarding Mayor Brigitte Barèges best first to read her résumeèges

and Wiki; In June 2015, with three other members of the municipality, Brigitte Barèges is placed in police custody. The facts in question concerned "the financing by the municipality of Montauban of a possibly fictitious job of a communication officer at the town hall". In June 2015, it is indicted for "misappropriation of public funds by a person holding public authority or having a public service mission » 

Canicule:  40 degree and the LReM national government has had to intervene to overcome local nationalist mayor who even uses severe weather and distress against ‘Them'

Approx from Le Figaro;

Heatwave: Mayor of Montauban Brigitte Barèges refuses to open the cooled place for the homeless.  

The Prefect of the département of Tarn-et-Garonne appealed to the administrative court and decided to requisition the premises in question. The center will be open Thursday to people on the street because of the heat wave.

The center, located in the former premises of Emmaus. The goal: to welcome people who are wandering or living in the streets of the town of 50,000 inhabitants, north of Toulouse. Only problem, this cool place, equipped with showers and toilets, does not yet have the authorization  to open its doors. 

"It is a ubiquitous situation that lasts for more than a month. Six employees paid by the state supported by some forty volunteers are waiting for the green light from the town hall who refuses to issue the authorization to open. The Mayor Les Républicains de Montauban, Brigitte Barèges, opposes the opening of this center, notably by refusing "the fire inspection visit ».

Blocking access to a cool room at 40 degrees violates the rules of heatwave, if the sense of public responsibility was not enough for Brigitte Barèges »
Here, near the German empire, at the heart of the EUSRR, it is bloody hot. As usual, in Strasbourg, quite stuffy and polluted.

Of course, Strasbourg's mayor, Roland Ries, wouldn't dream of closing centers like Mme Barèges but was stupid enough to cut short trees leaving some former green places and squares unbearably hot.
Barnier and his Alps:

Merci à @France5tv pour cette soirée d’alerte sur les conséquences du changement climatique dans les Alpes et.. partout ailleurs. Urgence  absolue d’un « new green deal » européen ! @vonderleyen

Make the Alps great again! Our Triglav glacier is gone...  Sad  :

[Image: 700?1420812943]

In 1897:

[Image: 700?1286786604]

And in Iceland:

[Image: 1501.jpg?width=620&quality=85&auto=forma...10d1a6b977]
Let's make the Triglav white again and the Alps compatible with their dwellers like Barnier.

BTW, what are Johnson's policies against climate change? 

Here, my godson and myself shut in the house for the day. We cannot even think of going on the burning hot terrace. Naps and ice cream for all. Might throw some eggs to fry on the wall this evening.
(25-07-19, 04:24 PM)ClairefromFR Wrote: BTW, what are Johnson's policies against climate change?

Alternative arrangements. Democratic ones. With loads of cake (flour contains a lot of 'captured' carbon, but you should not eat your cake if you want to keep carbon captured) and flying unicorns flapping their wings as fans.

Quote:Here, my godson and myself shut in the house for the day. We cannot even think of going on the burning hot terrace. Naps and ice cream for all. Might throw some eggs to fry on the wall this evening.

I think the siesta culture will spread to Sweden soon...
The siesta culture is great. Splitting your night is like having two days in one. Getting up early, cooling the house, watering the plants, strolling and working (not for me anymore Big Grin ). Doing chores and whatnot. Having a late light lunch. Pretending to read on the sofa or bed. Dozing in the shade. Getting up again. Having a strong cool cup of coffee and some fruit. Doing things again. Taking advantage of the evening to be active, socialising, watering again the plants, airing and cooling your home... Going late to bed. Angel

I've done that almost every summer since I can remember. Of course, that was wisely transmitted by my Italian parents who knew how to deal with heat. Cool
First published on, Costa Rica, July 30, 2019 | By Arcadio Esquivel

[Image: 5_228185.jpg]
just posting here to avoid spam

imho this is deeply concerning reading and should be required reading by idiots on the news

as you can see, the true case fatality rates are much, much higher than they are telling us. this does need spreading I think, it needs reposting... it looks like a 12-13% CFR not the ridiculous 1% myths spread by idiot trump!

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