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The best Brexit quotes and other not too serious things
Copy of my post from another thread on 1 August 2019:

(01-08-19, 10:14 AM)Ajda Slovenia Wrote: UK plans no-deal Brexit ad campaign in Europe (31 Jul 2019) 
London wants to ram home the message to EU capitals that it’s not bluffing.
Boris Johnson's government is planning a Europe-wide media blitz to convince EU governments and citizens that the U.K. is serious about leaving, deal or no deal, on October 31.

Breaking news:

Coming soon to YOUR newspaper!


The DU team has seen the advertisement which the UK government will publish at the end of August as a full-page ad in major newspapers in all 27 EU members:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=280]

Image URL (larger version):

The UK government spokesman said that currently the text of the advertisement is being translated to all EU languages, which is a bigly yuge trans-lingual project. The UK government is hoping to finish all translations in time. Considering the cross-EU27 ridicule the last time that the UK government attempted to translate something to all EU languages, Team Johnson would be grateful for any help with translation from EU27 citizens. The UK government spokesman stressed that this appeal for help does not mean that the UK needs the EU27.


Compare to:

Diagram of alternative arrangements (a very cunning plan) (6 Feb 2019)

Note: Half a year after I had sent this most cunning alternative-arrangements plan to the UK government, still no reply (very disappointing!). I will now send it to Barnier so that he can show it to the Brits when they start banging on about 'alternative arrangements'.
"If #brexit was a #JamesBond movie, what would it be called?"  Big Grin

Some of the gems:

"For Our Eyes Only?   (brexit impact reports)"
"From Russia with Love"
"Leave and Let Die"
"For your lies only"
"The man with the gammon gun"
"Dr No Deal"
"No doctor"
"Lie another day" 
"Rations are forever"
"You only vote once"
"The man with the golden unicorn"
"Live and blame everyone else"
"Never say vote again"
"The WTO is not enough"
Title from the German newspaper taz, today's issue:

Finally a solution to Brexit:

Can't Trump simply buy England?                   Big Grin

(in German). But take a look at the picture! 

Yes, and leave Greenland to the Greenlanders!

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