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Uncensored GRAPHICS (UK politics)
Uncensored GRAPHICS (UK politics)

Below is a list of graphs and other graphics posted on the forum UK politics.

Graphics created for Debate Uncensored

CAP subsidies by EU member in 2017
Thread: UK Political System
Thee graphs: (1) CAP subsidies per capita, (2) agricultural productions per capita, (3) CAP subsidies per 100 € of agricultural production (= percentage of CAP subsidies in total agricultural production)


For lists of graphics on other Debate Uncensored forums, see here:

Brexit from UK and EU27 perspective
EU politics
* Everything else
[Image: attachment.php?aid=20]

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If you want to discuss the graphics, please use the above links and do so on the threads where the graphics were published.

If you post graphics which should be included on the above list, notice that something is missing from the list or have any proposals, corrections or comments about this thread, please send me a private message.

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