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Uncensored GRAPHICS (EU politics)
Uncensored GRAPHICS (EU politics)

Below is a list of graphs and other graphics posted on the forum EU politics.

Graphics created for Debate Uncensored

Hungary sanctions: MEP votes
Thread: Hungary breaching shared European values: triggering Article 7
Two graphs showing the votes of MEPs on 12 September 2018 about Hungary sanctions: (1) by country and (2) by party group.

Slovenia: results of national and EU elections 2000-2018
Thread: Hungary breaching shared European values: triggering Article 7
Two graphs showing voting results by political orientation (e.g. right, centre-left): (1) comparison of national and EU elections (includes turnout) and (2) national parliamentary elections only.

EU budget: Net donors and net recipients
Thread: EU budget (including MFF 2021-2027), the CAP and other funding issues
Four sets of graphs: (1) comparison of UK's 'net contributions' to the EU budget with GDP and public spending in the UK and across the EU27 (data for 2015), (2) comparison of the size of the EU budget to national budgets of EU members (data for 2015) , (3) net donors to and net recipients from the EU budget (compared as % of national GDP) and increase in GDP per capita (for the period from 2005 to 2015) and (4) GDP per capita across the current EU members in 1995, 2005 and 2015.


Graphics from other sources posted on Debate Uncensored

Napoleon's monument in Ljubljana
Thread: United in diversity
Two photos of the monument.

Where the photo on the 'Breaking Point' poster came from
Thread: The refugee crisis
Comparison of the photo shown on Farage's poster with other photos taken at the same time at the same location (in Slovenia).

VoteWatch Europe survey: Who will lead the EU after 2019 elections?
Thread: EU elections 2019
Four graphs compiled by VoteWatch Europe about two surveys of the 'EU bubble'. Two pairs of graphs with comparison of results in April 2018 and September 2018: (1) candidates for the president of the European Commission and (2) candidates for the president of the European Parliament.

Map of the Balkan corridor to Germany during the 2015-16 refugee crisis
Thread: The refugee crisis
Map compiled by BBC.

Foreign and foreign-born population in EU28 (graph)
Thread: No pasaran!
A graph compiled by European Migration Network showing percentage of Immigrants (foreign-born people) in total population for each of 28 EU members at the beginning of 2016 (before the impact of the 2015-16 refugee crisis); data for both immigrants (a) from other EU members and (b) from the rest of the world are shown.


For lists of graphics on other Debate Uncensored forums, see here:

Brexit from UK and EU27 perspective
UK politics
Everything else
[Image: attachment.php?aid=20]

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