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Uncensored GRAPHICS (Brexit)
Uncensored GRAPHICS (Brexit)

Below is a list of graphs and other graphics posted on the forum Brexit from UK and EU27 perspective.

Graphics created for Debate Uncensored

Two tables showing available Brexit scenarios and customs regimes
Thread: Brexit scenarios available to the UK: solving the riddle of Irish land border
The tables show (1) the Brexit scenarios available to the UK (no deal, Irish Canada, Irish Norway, Norway plus) and (2) the customs regimes associated with the available scenarios.

Outcome of Cameron's renegotiation deal
Thread: PM May's post-Salzburg statement
Shows the outcome of Cameron's renegotiations with the EU27 in February 2016. Summary graphics adopted from a more detailed graphics by Politico.

European vs national identity across EU members
Thread: 15 wasted years: Expect the UK back in the EU not much earlier than by 2033
Two sets of graphs showing results of Standard Eurobarometer surveys about how European the people of EU members feel: 
(1) graphs showing changes in European vs national identity from 1992 to 2018 for 10 EU members (the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Ireland, Denmark)
(2) two graphs comparing European vs national identity all EU members in spring 2016 (before the Brexit referendum) and in spring 2018

'UK is the fifth largest economy' (comparison with other countries and trade blocs)
Thread: UK's post-Brexit status in the international community
Graphic showing what 'UK being the fifth largest economy' actually means compared to other countries and trade blocs: comparison of GDP (size of economy), GDP per capita (a measure of wealth of consumers) and number of consumers (population size)

'They need us more than we need them' (comparison of trade of goods across EU members)
Thread: UK's post-Brexit status in the international community
Graphs comparing export/import of goods by EU member:
(1) three graphs showing the importance of exports of goods to the EU27, to the UK and to the rest of the world (as % GDP and in absolute value) and trade balance by EU member
(2) a graph showing the Brexit impact on export per capita (= the amount of trade affected by Brexit) for all EU members

Export of goods and services and trade balance for OECD members in 2017
Thread: UK's post-Brexit status in the international community
Two sets of graphs:
(1) two graphs: comparison of importance of export of goods vs services
(2) two graphs showing trade balance (exports minus imports): (a) total trade balance and (b) breakdown of trade surplus/deficit for goods and services separately

Overview of Brexit scenarios (paper by Nicolai von Ondarza, October 2018)
Thread: Brexit scenarios available to the UK: solving the riddle of Irish land border
Graphic contains two combined and annotated images from a paper by Dr Nicolai von Ondarza (full source info at the above link) which show (1) the Northern Ireland trilemma and (2) medium-term scenarios for Brexit negotiations as a flow chart (showing the steps of procedures and possible outcomes from cliff-edge no deal to ordered Brexit with a withdrawal agreement and a transition period).

The EU27 people support hard negotiations (polls in July 2017 and June 2018)
Thread: What do people want? (polls)
Four graphs showing the results of two large surveys (> 9,000 respondents) with questions about what kind of Brexit negotiations (negotiation stance from very soft to very hard) the EU27 people want, commissioned by Prof Stefanie Walter (full source info at the above link): (1) comparison of negotiation stance in July 2017 and in June 2018; the other three graphs for June 2018: (2) results for each of the five largest EU27 members separately, (3) negotiation stance by Brexit awareness, (4) relationship between opinion about the EU (the EU is good, neither, bad) and negotiation stance.

Parlemeter 2018: Survey about Remain/Leave and attitudes towards the EU across EU members
Thread: What do people want? (polls)
Two pairs of graphs showing (1) Remain/Leave attitudes across EU members and whether people think that Brexit was a right/wrong decision and (2) attitudes towards the EU across EU members. Data from Parlemeter 2018 (special Eurobarometer commissioned by the European Parliament): fieldwork September 2018.

The UK has very few EU info centres
Thread: No deal Brexit by disinformation
Two graphs showing the number of EU infor centres (EDICs) in individual EU members in 2016: (1) total number of EDICs and (2) number of EDICs per one million people.


Graphics from other sources posted on Debate Uncensored

Brexit process infographics
Thread: BREXIT DOCUMENTS and other sources of information
Graphic compiled by the European Commission shows procedures used on the EU27 side during Brexit negotiations (the procedures are based on the EU Treaties in particular Article 50 TEU and decisions of the EU27 European Council. It explains the steps of procedures leading to UK's exit and the relationship between different EU27 bodies during negotiations.

'We are leaving the EU, we are not leaving Europe'
Thread: UK's post-Brexit status in the international community
Two graphics showing multi-national cooperation in Europe: (1) map of EEA and (2) Euler diagram showing membership of European countries in European supranational bodies

All sensible countries are in REGIONAL trade blocs
Thread: UK's post-Brexit status in the international community
World map showing regional trade blocs, graphic showing size of largest economies and a world map from the WTO site showing countries by number of trade agreements.

Joining the EU - economy vs values: Baltic states
Thread: Reasons for joining the EU: money vs values
Two images: (1) maps of Latvia  showing the ethnic composition and the results of the 1991 independence referendum and the 2003 EU referendum (compilation of images from other sources) and (2) graphs comparing the results of the 1991 independence referendum and the 2003 EU referendum to ethnic composition of the population for all three Baltic states.

The magic red bus: true or false (poll)
Thread: No deal Brexit by disinformation
Graph showing results of a poll (2018) about whether the British people believe the claim "The UK sends 350 million GBP a week to the EU".


For lists of graphics on other Debate Uncensored forums, see here:

* EU politics
* UK politics
Everything else
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