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About us

We moved here from our previous forum. Welcome to our new home and feel free to post.

Our old forum is now closed for new comments, but you can read our debates here:

Our story 

Our story actually began with censorship, I (Pando) noticed Ajda's comments were being deleted from the Independents comment section. 
I had gone back looking for a comment featuring a transcript of Mays meeting with Barnier to find it had been flagged. 

This got me thinking. What if the Independent shut down or otherwise limited commentary to non-political items (ala the Guardian)? Most news agencies do not allow for uncontrolled debate and others still have closed their comment sections altogether. 

I found the community on the Indy to sometimes be of a magnitude more insightful than the articles themselves, sometimes reading counterpoints that challenged my established views on a subject. That the agency could potentially choose to vanish this temporal community should it ever become burdensome was too precarious a situation for me. 
I did also notice that a steadily increasing amount of "tolling" personalities appearing that seemed to have no purpose other than to disrupt the debates. 

And so I decided to create a forum that could host a community of free thinkers. There would be no-censorship provided that any contentious views were backed up with evidence/references that the poster thought were valid. Constructive debate, however, can easily be disrupted and devolve into squabbling and one-upmanship. Protection from trolling would be necessary then; If someone was clearly just flinging hateful remarks with no substance repeatedly with the intention of disrupting debate then they would be warned a few times then banned if necessary. 

I then personally invited Ajda to Moderate on this forum who has been absolutely prolific in the posting of thought-provoking information and really has become the hub of the community here. It is Ajda's hard work and insightful posts that have attracted our core membership and catalyzed the growth of a community from its birth as an idea. 

Ajda does have strong views on Brexit and the UK's political relationship with Europe. They are representative of many views throughout Europe and it's not surprising that many of the views find their way onto this forum, being that it's Ajda's comments that have attracted the majority of posters on here. Should you wish to join in, provided you are not unnecessarily disruptive, you will have the exactly the same right to un-moderated freedom of expression as Ajda does as a moderator (and even the right to incessantly barrage me with improvement suggestions regarding the forums functionality - like Ajda does, although I doubt anyone else can keep me as busy).

No posts will be moderated so as to give an advantage to any political leaning on this forum. It is my hope that we will host Pro-Brexiteers that contribute to the debate with well-argued logic so that we can all learn something with a good healthy debate. 
So please, if you don't agree with a point made here, don't just sling mud, get involved properly

ClaireFR also joined our team of moderators. Being a former Council of Europe translator, she is very knowledgeable in the workings within the EU. She is also strongly attached to the values of European cooperation, a genuine humanist, and a promoter of human rights and freedom. Both myself and Adja consider her to be a real asset to our community. 

This is a free forum and we ourselves receive no material benefit for our time here. We are believers in democracy, free expression and would like DU to form a hub for constructive debate and an anchor in turbulent times.