Full Version: I got it available this year after not playing for several decades
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Last year was my first year of trying Madden multiplayer, and not a glitch happened with a tackle animation. There was one particular tackle where the player being handled would still sort of stumble 3-4 metres after being hit before falling to the Madden 20 coins ground. After a patch this animation would play with non stop. Stopped a person a yard short? The player receive a first down and would stumble forward. No matter if the man was clotheslined by me from the front. Fall forward. Top that with everybody and they're mother just using the same 4'glitchy' (fuckin hate that term) plays that they watched youtube and it wasn't fun. I'll maintain the concept that playing and doing supreme team that manner is enjoyable as long as you don't spend money. But holy hell online was a horrible experience.

I think we have different definitions of the term"pleasure". I am not saying Madden is totally unenjoyable, but Madden is much more rage-inducing and frustrating than really fun. Now granted, I don't play Madden, so I don't understand how bad they have it, but 2K has caused me to nearly break my controller on far too many occasions for me to praise it.

Have I had great times playing with 2K? Yes, however, the amount of times I wished to delete Madden vastly outweighs the great experiences I've had. The last time I could say I had fun with a 2K match was 2K17, and that match had its own defects. Following 17, Madden have gradually stagnated, both technically and creatively. The worst part is how awful the cpu gameplay is, although online is just a cheesefest of abusing the lousy AI.

From the nfl teams put defensive staff on the field based on the offensive employees, but in Madden they take it a step further by not just doing that, but also calling particular plays based on the one which you called to your offense. Then you will have god-awful animations to help the predetermined results are, with overlooked throws that do not make sense, ridiculous drops, horrible fumbles, teleporting interceptions and so on. All this because EA can not just program Madden to perform organically.

I got it available this year after not playing for several decades, I used to be a franchise player for a decade and a half and gave up halfway into a single period because there is not any way to get halfway passable difficulty/gameplay. Whether you are facing kyle allen or tom brady on difficulties, they're likely to finish 90 percent of the moves against you if you have the policies that are ideal and an entire all-pro caliber defense. God it is buy Mut 20 coins miserable.