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Rules - Ajda Slovenia

Welcome to the Debate Uncensored forums.

Our International Perspective: To boldly  encourage cross-border discussion and exchange of ideas and experiences where no man has gone before.

These forums aim to provide a platform for evidence-based informed rational debate and be an anchor against 'alternative facts' and fake news. Here our goal is to share solid sources of info so that people can inform themselves and come to their own conclusions.

If you are new to forums and want to know how to make a post, read the Posting Guidelines.

Forum rules and Guidelines
(revision 4, dd. 2018-11-18)


In order for the forum to function as intended a base set of rules is needed. By making use of this board you agree to abide by these rules and guidelines.
  • debate in a respectful manner
  • no personal (ad hominem) attacks/no attacking the messenger, no personal insults unless meant as a joke
  • no trolling
  • do not engage in flaming or flame wars
  • no explicit sexual content
  • no spamming (which includes repetitive similar messaging, breaking up posts into more posts etc).
  • no botting or other automated posting of any kind
  • no multiposting, cross-posting, off-topic posting, hijacking a thread, and other techniques used to minimize the effort required to read a post or a thread (generally, follow commonly accepted nettiquette rules)
  • do not capitalize, enlarge or color near entire posts. Some color, underline, italics, bold, font-sizing or other is ok but use it to properly format a text and emphasize your meaning. Not to force your view.
  • do not deliberately post 'alternative facts' and spread misinformation
  • no breaching of commonly accepted laws, including copyright. Small pieces of text (a few lines or an exerpt) may be pasted from other sources but no pasting of whole sections. Use links to refer to those.
  • breaking forum rules will place you or your posts subject to moderation, which progressively includes moving, warnings, editing and your removal from the board.
  • no public discussion of moderation in the moderated thread. Take it up on Private Messages, with a moderator of your choice, or publicly in the Moderation Thread.

Generic Guidelines

These guidelines should help you to debate productively with others and keep the forum in shape. While not as stict as rules, sustained breach of guidelines may result in moderation as per the moderator's view.
  • try to contain your hyperbole, strawman and other discussion techniques aimed at derailing proper on-topic discussion
  • try to remain factual, to your knowledge
  • where possible, quote the source of info and post a link.
  • don't treat every discussion as a win/lose situation
  • do not open new threads all over but try to post in already existing threads that are on-topic. If you can't find such a thread then feel free to open a new one.
  • the default text formatting is most suited for most text with most users
  • post in the right (sub)forum and thread. For example, for technical problems post in the Technical subforum.
  • any and all attacks on penguins are taken personally

Guidelines on Quoting others / replying with a Quote

Quoting is used to show others the specific pieces of text you are replying to and thus is a helpful tool, but make sure to use it correctly.
  • so as not to clog up the thread, only leave the relevant parts of the quoted text and delete the rest from the quote. To indicate you removed a piece you can for instance replace it by '...'.
  • do not quote where it is not needed. A reply to a short piece of text directly above it usually does not need a quote.

Guidelines on Quoting News Articles

When quoting news articles and other sources of info use the following structure, to make it easy for the readers to decide whether they are interested reading the source info. Providing just a link without explaining what the link leads to just causes unnecessary clicking.

  1. Title and date (compulsory): Always copy the title of the source, followed by (where applicable) the date of publication.
  2. Optionally, some quoted text: quote a few sentences which indicate the contents of the source or which you find most important. Do not copy whole articles (breaching copyright).
  3. Link: copy a link to the source, or link the title to the source (using the insert a link button on the selected title).
    For download links to larger files (e.g. pdf), quote the size of the file. For videos, quote the duration of the video.
    Make sure to test your links!
two examples:

Quote:EU remains cautious on Brexit talks (12 Nov 2018)
Ahead of a briefing for EU ministers, Belgian foreign minister says: ‘For this month, it’s very difficult to make real progress.’
European officials made it clear Monday that a Brexit deal is far from imminent.

Barnier's statement about the Withdrawal Agreement on 14 November 2018 (20 min)


This is a non-commercial forum for you and largely by you, but run by voluntary moderators. The moderators on this forum are people, like you, and like you the moderators are also posters with their own (political) views on things.
For that, please do not assume they are neutral with regards to the topics of debate, and please do not be intimidated in the debate by their status as moderator, as we try our best to keep both moderation and debate seperate.

As moderators we will structure the debate, e.g. merge or split threads, move posts to the right thread, close threads, but also police excessive rule or guideline abuse, answer forum questions and help you get along.

If you have any question, remark, tip or greivance related to the forum (but not the content of debate) or moderations please feel free to PM one of the mods.
If you have questions on specific moderations or you disagree on your moderation and want to make your case against it, you can
  • respond publicly in the Moderation Thread
  • respond privately via PM's to a moderator of your choice
Current mod team members (all also moderating contents):
Pando (admin and tech), Antarctician (tech), Ajda Slovenia, ClairefromFR

For tech problems which are of no interest to the whole community, you can send a private message to Pando or Antarctician.


By using this forum you declare your agreement with these rules and guidelines and have taken notice of your rights and responsibilities on this forum.

Forum rules and guidelines are subject to change as the need arises. While technically possible we will inform you of changes via forum PM or your registered email, but do not count on this; make sure to keep up to date on these rules, which are stated in each sub-durum.

You agree that we have the ability and right to remove, edit, or lock any account or message at any time we see fit. You also agree that any information you enter on this discussion system is stored in a database, and that "cookies" are stored on your computer to automate your login process.

Any and all information you provide on these forums except your password (and possibly email) is public. Your password and email will not be shared by us but could possibly be hacked or copied in transition. Our staff cannot be held liable for any breach of security or privacy in this matter. Use a unique password and preferably email address.

You remain solely liable for all information you place on these forums, and all possible legal expenses resulting from that. By posting you grant a non-exclusive, eternal, non-revokable and complete right to this board and its current and future operators to use this information in an unlimited manner, including reproduction, here and elsewhere, free of cost.

Failure to comply with any of the rules of these forums may result in the termination of your account, account suspension, or permanent ban of access to these forums. Your IP Address is recorded with each post you make on this discussion system and is retrievable by the forum staff for purposes of moderation.