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Posting Guidelines - Ajda Slovenia

Posting guidelines

The contents of the Debate Uncensored forum are public and can be read without registering.

To be able to comment, you need to register as a member of the forum. Registering is quick, easy and private. All you need is an email address, which will only ever be used for self-password maintenance and will not be shared.
You can, if you like, use a free email service like nada mail.

When you get a message about your connection not being secure
This is because we do not yet have an encrypted https server. Websites that take card payments or process other sensitive information require these. We do not since this forum handles no sensitive data excpet for your password.
If you nevertheless believe hackers are targeting you, then can either not register and post as Guest, or just use a unique password for this forum (good advice for any website).

Note: It used to be possible to comment as a non-registered guest. Due to serial attacks by spammers, we disabled this option on 24 Dec 2018.

Registered Users gain access to the following features:
  • post replies in existing threads
  • search the forum
  • delete own posts
  • create new threads
  • vote in polls and post own polls
  • rate posts
  • post or download attachments
  • private message other members
  • set avatars
  • set signatures and other settings

Posting a reply (quick guide)
* Click the white Reply button under the post to which you want to reply.
[Image: reply.JPG]
* The contents of the post you are replying to appears in the reply box. Please delete all parts of the comment in the grey frame which are not relevant to your reply to avoid clogging up threads with copies of previous comments.
* Write the text of your reply in the reply box.
* Click Post reply (the button under the message box) to post your comment.
* Formatting your comment: You can use the tools above the message box to format you comment. If you have problems with formatting, you can remove all formatting by marking the whole text in the message box (Ctrl+A) or marking the part of text in which you want to remove formatting, then press the 'remove formatting' button above the message box - it is the button A- (large blue A with a minus in a red circle).
* Click Preview post (the button under the message box) to preview your comment before posting.

TODO Registering on the Forum
-todo- describe the registration process

Posting about a news article

Find the News articles of interest  thread, then start a new post about 'your' article using this button:
[Image: new_reply.JPG]

Then follow the Guidelines for posting news articles in the Rules.

If you wish to post your reply to the article afterwards, please do this separately (reply to your posted sub-thread) using this button:
[Image: reply.JPG]

Structure of debate

The next image explains how you should use different buttons to reply to existing comments or open new topics.
Check if your intended post belongs to an existing thread before opening a new one. We are trying to keep the number of threads low to make navigation easier for users, bring people closer together and encourage debate.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=27]
(larger version)

Rating of Posts

You can rate each post. Hover the cursor over the bottom right corner of a comment to display rating options. You have the choice of
  • agree
  • disagree
  • funny
  • stupid

Forum Rules  

Here are our full Forum Rules and Guidelines. Make sure to read them.

Users should respect our registration / posting rules.
By using this forum you declare your agreement with these rules and have taken notice of your rights and responsibilities on this forum.

Old Forum

We moved here from our previous forum. Welcome to our new home and feel free to post.
Our old forum is now closed for new comments, but you can still read our debates.